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Best Tequila Brands from Top to Bottom! (Updated 2024)

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The Top Tequila Brands We Recommend Drinking in 2024!

When it comes to quality tequila, there are as many great tequila brands as there are varieties of wines or whiskies. And each bottle has it’s own unique flavor profile and ingredients. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to learn everything, especially since it seems there is a new Tequila brand popping up almost daily.

Then there are levels of batches like Blanco or Plata, Anejo or Reposado. Then there are the much better aged tequilas that use burnt oak barrels for a much more complex flavor profile. I’ve tried to use only the Blanco and Plata options for this article as when you get into the other types of tequilas, things get “messier” and a lot more expensive.

And by comparing the most “basic” tequilas from each distillery, I feel you’re getting a better “view’ of their products as if the distiller doesn’t make a solid starting bottle, I highly doubt the aging or distillation process is going to make things so dramatically different that I should like their more expensive products.

So I’ve compiled a top notch list of the best tequilas the world has to offer so you can get to drinking something that can be sipped and enjoyed rather than the swill some bars try to pass as a good tasting tequila. Some of these distilleries have been around for 200 years, some are less than 10. But they all know how to make some great tequilas.

The Brands

Best Tequila Brands

This list of the Best Tequila Brands comes from experience. I've been lucky enough to try all of these brands and many more. If you love great tequila, then check out the rest of my site for top tequila recipes and more.

What Are the Different Types of Tequila?

There are 3 main types of tequila, but for this article I wanted to use each distillery’s Blanco or Plato versions to get an idea of what their most basic tequila tastes like. Usually I have found if they make a great basic drink, then their better quality tequilas are even better. Here are the 3 main types of tequila that are being distilled today…

Blanco or Plata

Blanco, Plata or sometimes even silver tequila are all labels for the most basic tequilas. These are always clear and are never aged so you get to taste the purest of forms from the distiller. These are usually what people use to make mixed drinks like the original margarita recipes from as they are usually a bit “harsher” since they haven’t been mellowed at all from the aging process. And they are the cheapest bottles of each company’s portfolio.

I have found that if I like a Blanco tequila from a distillery, I usually always like their better aged products as well. After all, this is where it all starts, and if you can’t distill a solid Blanco, then the rest won’t be worth mentioning either.


Reposado is the Spanish word for “rested” and is used to describe the process of aging a tequila in wooden barrels like whiskey for a minimum of two months up to a year. This is where the tequila picks up other flavors depending on the wood used for the barrels, and the amount of charring if any the barrels take on.

All of this equates to a more complex flavor profile just like an aged whiskey does. For tequila the flavors will often include hints of caramel and vanilla as well as other flavors.

The process takes time and a bit of the tequila is lost during the process which equates to higher prices for a Reposado tequila. But if you like to drink your tequila neat, the added cost is totally worth it.


Añejo tequila is aged from one to three years and is some of the best, and priciest bottles available. The aging process takes place in wooden barrels and the longer aging time both pulls more flavor from each barrel, as well as mellows smooths out the liquid to a much higher degree making the Añejo tequilas the very best sipping tequilas available.

Again, due to time, storage and evaporation, the prices of these tequilas go up considerably, usually starting off at a minimum of $100 for the most basic bottle. Created for the true tequila and mezcal connoisseur, when presented with one, sip slowly and enjoy the best tequila has to offer.

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