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The Smoothest Vodkas to Try in 2024

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The Smoothest Vodkas for Sipping!

When talking about the smoothest vodka, I mean a vodka that is enjoyable whether you drink it neat, mixed, cold or warm. Something that is flavorful, yet can be sipped and enjoyed without any harsh after taste or ethanol after burn.

And although vodka has long been seen as a neutral spirit, that doesn’t mean each vodka doesn’t have it’s own distinct flavors present. They range from anywhere form lemon and licorice to charcoal and nuts.

So if you’re new to the “real” world of vodka, stop with the shots and Vodka Tonics and and start ordering something worthy of drinking neat or on ice.

Or better yet, taking a swig straight out of the freezer. As long as no one is looking!

And try a few different ones, everyone’s taste buds are different, what you or I may agree tastes amazing, someone else may not like at all.

And what a time to start appreciating vodka the way you would a nice single malt scotch. There are a lot of vodka brands these days and the choices just keep piling up. Each with it’s own way of being distilled and each with its own flavor notes to appreciate.

And the best part, a lot of vodkas are now gluten free, flavored and even made from grapes.

And vodka is made everywhere now, Russia, the United States, Australia, Japan and even Singapore are all home to some fine vodka distillers. No more Russian potato vodka only. The choices are dizzying.

But that of course can get confusing. Which vodka brand to choose is anything but straight forward.

Hence this guide to the smoothest vodkas from around the world.

Purity Signature 34 Edition Organic Vodka

Region: Sweden | ABV: 40% | Tasting notes: Barley, dry, lemon peel and lime

Purity Vodka Signature 34 Edition

Purity really is the perfect name for this vodka, and is the number one choice on my list for the smoothest vodka. And if you don’t want to just trust my taste buds, how about the fact that this specific brand of vodka has won over 150 international awards for their distilling efforts.

Add to the fact that it’s organic certified, distilled 34 times, yeah, that’s quite a lot, and even gluten free, this is a vodka that not only tastes excellent, but you can actually feel good about drinking it.

Well, to a point, it is still alcohol. But a smooth one, and the number one pick for a smooth, sipping vodka. You just can’t go wrong with Purity 34 no matter how it’s served.

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Chopin Family Reserve

Region: Poland | ABV: 40% | Tasting notes: Hints of spice, licorice and clove

Chopin Family Reserve

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One of the more expensive vodkas on our list at around $125 a bottle, but this is one of the very smoothest vodkas I’ve ever tried, and it was chilled, not “frozen”. Personally I love the notes of licorice and clove that unless sipped neat would go unnoticed.

The Chopin distillery is one of the few vodka distillers in the world who handles every single step of the distillation process themselves. They hand pick, distill and bottle every single product that comes out of their 17 acre estate in the village of in Krzesk, Poland.

The distillery is also very eco-friendly in that they source most of their ingredients from within 18 miles of the distillery. They literally hand pick the freshest seasonal potatoes, rye and wheat making this particular vodka something to truly enjoy.

Absolut Vodka Elyx

Region: Sweden | ABV: 42.3% | Tasting notes: Mellow spice with fresh nuttiness


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Absolut Elyx is a super clean tasting vodka with its own distinct flavor palette with nutty notes, butter, and fresh bread all intermingled with a touch of spice to balance everything out. This is something you definitely want to drink neat, it would be a shame to mix this with anything but perhaps an ice cube.

Absolut Elyx is another single estate vodka located in Åhus, Sweden (yes, another Swedish vodka!) and uses wheat as the base for their vodka. Their website boast that not only is this vodka made from a manually operated vintage copper still from 1921, but that the area has been growing wheat there since the 1400’s.

And if you’re looking for an eco-friendly distillery, they do fantastically well there too writing, “Every drop of Absolut Elyx is produced from seed to bottle within a 15-mile radius” A brand I can get behind.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Region: United States | ABV: 40% | Tasting notes: Roasted grain, black pepper and citrus

Titos Handmade Vodka

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Like I said in the opening paragraph of this article, vodka is being made everywhere. And this is the first American addition to our list. And yes, it’s a great one. I love the brand, the people behind the brand, and of course the vodka itself.

This is definitely a side note, but I am one of those people that absolutely loves barbecue. Like anything barbecued! And I can tell you, if you want an upscale barbecue drink, I had a plate of amazing barbecued pork with a (few) Tito’s and I am telling you, it paired so, so well. So well that I always try to have a glass on hand any time I eat anything with bbq sauce.

And if you must dink it with something, try our vodka tequila recipes here. There’s something for everyone.

And I definitely get why it pairs seeing the flavors you get like Roasted grain, black pepper and citrus with a smokey hint and almost bacon ending all distilled from corn as the base of this vodka. It’s seems like the perfect drink for Texas where the distillery is located. And it’s the fits legal distillery Texas has had. Go Tito!

Stolichnaya’s Elit Vodka

Region: Latvia | ABV: 40% | Tasting notes: Hints of lemon, white pepper and vanilla

Stolichnayas Elit Vodka

At around $50 per bottle this is a nice treat from the usual vodka you’ve probably been drinking. Elit is super smooth, almost like soft water with no after taste and is distilled so well that I’ve personally never really had a bad hangover when drinking it. A big plus for me.

Stolichnaya introduced their new vodka in 2003 and is another single sourced grain (winter wheat) alcohol at the company’s Kerchinskoye Estate in Latvia. They use a process that chills the vodka to -18 degrees Celsius, cold indeed, but works some how to create an ultra smooth premium vodka experience.

This is definitely a must try and a great one to start with if you aren’t really a vodka drinker yet. The smoothness of this will definitely surprise you.

Wrapping Up!

That’s our short list of the top 5 smoothest vodkas for any aspiring vodka aficionado. There are definitely a lot more to try, but these will get you going in the right direction.

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