Mr. Beer Kit Review AND Best Practices!

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Mr. Beer Kit Review

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Make Your Own Beer With Mr. Beer Home Brew Kit!

Do it yourself projects are becoming increasing popular and those projects that allow people to save money and make items they actually use are the most popular of all. For those people who are beer lovers there is nothing more satisfying that making your own home brew.

This beer kit is a popular starter kit to get anyone up and brewing in short order. The pure convenience and simple system makes this an excellent choice for those that want a fast and uncomplicated way to brew beer.

Get It Delivered to Your Door Tomorrow!

Who’s it For

Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit is a kit that allows even those who are not dyed in the wool do it yourselfer’s make their own home brewed beer without breaking the bank to buy all the necessary equipment.

Mr. Beer offers this inexpensive home brew kit at a fraction of the cost that you would expect to pay to set up your own home brewing. But, is this kit worth it’s attractive price? Read on and see.

What The Mr Beer Gold Edition Includes

The Mr Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit comes with all the basic equipment you need to start brewing your own beer immediately including two 2 standard beer packages. The set includes:

  • 2 gallon shatter proof, wide mouth fermenting keg
  • Lid and top assembly
  • 8 reusable 1 liter bottles with reusable lids
  • 4 step instruction booklet
  • 2 standard brew packets one for American Blonde Ale and One for Cowboy Golden Lager
beer making kit contents

What Else You Will Need

The kit itself contains all of the basic equipment that you need to get started, however, there are a couple of pieces of equipment that are not included that beginner brewers might find incredibly helpful and that is a thermometer and hydrometer.

These two items help tell if the beer is being kept at the necessary temperature and when it has fermented enough. However, considering this kit is 1/2 the price of many other home brewing kits you can’t expect it to have everything.

At the price of under $60.00 you get enough to get you started to see if you enjoy brewing your own beer. And of course you’ll want to pick up a few types of beer glasses to drink your brew from!

Mr Beer Kit Varieties

Along with the kit you can also order other standard beer packages from Mr Beer. The different beer packages include not only the American blonde ale and the cowboy golden lager but also:

  • Englishman’s Nut Brown Ale
  • Bewitched Red Ale
  • High Country Canadian Draft
  • Linebacker Doppel Bock
  • Vienna Lager
  • St. Patrick’s Irish Stout
  • West Coast Pale Ale
  • Whispering Wheat Weizenbier

There are also a number of other brew packets such as seasonal malt, premium all malt, deluxe all malt, and hard ciders packages. They’re even supposed to be coming out with an Asian style beer kit.

The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit comes nicely package and the instructional book gives clear and explicit directions that are extremely easy to understand and follow.

Four Weeks to Home Brew Beer?

The process to get your own beer in four weeks is simple.

You order it: Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Beer Kit, you get it delivered to your home. You open it up and begin brewing your first batch following the easy instructions and get your first wort to the fermenter.

Next you let it sit for about 2 weeks, 3 is better if you have time. Then you bottle it and let it sit for another 2 weeks, again 3 weeks is better. At last your opening up that first one and trying it out. All in 4 to 6 weeks. NICE!

So it’s all about a little planning if your shooting for holidays and football games. Back yourself up about 6 to 8 weeks and put it on your calendar to get that next batch started for the big event.

What the Home Users Have To Say

Reviewers who have actually used the Mr Beer Premium Gold edition home brew kit really seem to like it. Although almost everyone agrees that this kit is definitely for the beginner home brewer and does not offer the challenge that more experienced micro brewers enjoy.

Not surprisingly many of the reviews received this kit as a gift and many mentioned it was one of the favorite gifts they ever received. They love the fact that this kit makes brewing your beer easy. Also they love the fact that they give their own home brew as gifts especially given you can order additional reusable bottles from the Mr Beer and other sources.


There are a lot of things about this kit that users love and here is a list of the positives they enjoy using this kit.

  • The instruction book is easy to follow and for those who need more visual instruction the Mr Beer website has videos.
  • The are endless recipes you can try allowing home brewers to do a little experimenting and come up with their own custom brewed beers.
  • This kit offers a great and simple introduction to home brewing that allows anyone to be successful from the very first batch.
  • Great price allows even those on a budget to try their hand at brewing their own beer.
Mr. Beer Positives


There were a few things that users felt could be improved in the Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Kit and these improvements included:

  • Some users felt that the kit should include a hydrometer
  • Many of the reviews stated that they wish the kit came with smaller bottles and more of them.

Helpful Hints from Users

Users who have made several of their own batches using Mr. Beer had a few suggestions that they felt would help other users be more successful in making their own brew. Some of these suggestions included:

  • Leaving the beer longer at each stage of the process. They felt at a minimum the beer should remain in the keg 2 weeks, then in the bottles at room temperature for 2 weeks, and then refrigerated for at least 2 weeks.They state the beer tastes much better with this longer aging time. While this means you will need to wait 6 weeks for your first batch of beer, if you start a new batch the same day you bottled the previous batch you will have a new batch of beer ready to go every 2 weeks.
  • Others reviews also recommend that you invest some money in some smaller bottles. While the one liter bottles are nice for sharing there will be less waste if you are drinking alone from a smaller bottle.
  • Almost all the users emphasis how important it is to sterilize anything well that comes with your beer and anything else you’ll be using. There is nothing worse than putting out the effort only to have your beer contaminated and go sour on you.

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of other beer packages you can brew and try which will keep those people who enjoy tasting and making a variety of beers busy and happy. The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit makes for an ideal gift for yourself or for any beer lover you know. While this kit is really designed for the beginner brewer it easy to use and the instructions are simple to understand and follow.

Pricing of the Mr Beer Premium Gold Home Brew Kit

The kit is listed for just under $60.00 in various places online and in retail stores. You can get it for less on Amazon though.

Where to Buy

You can get this kit from the Mr. Beer Site, however, we’ve found that the the better pricing is through other outlets. As of this posting good old amazon had the best price here: Gold Beer Kit at Amazon.

With Mr Beer you can get started now and be enjoying your own brew in just a few weeks! Be sure to share your thoughts on this kit with us in the comments below.

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