hail mary drink

Hail Mary Drink

Hail Mary Drink – A Spicy Tomato Mocktail to Savor This Hail Mary drink – a fiery, non-alcoholic cousin of the classic Bloody Mary, is a great way to start the day with a bit of the hair of the dog, except there’s no dog in it. This zesty tomato-based cocktail will awaken your taste…

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Moon Shot Drink

Moonshot Drink

This Moonshot drink recipe is not for the faint of heart. This bold and fiery cocktail combines the richness of gin, the brininess of clam juice, and the kick of Tabasco sauce to create a unique flavor explosion that’s out of this world, hence the name as well. At least that is my take on…

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Avalanche Cocktail

Avalanche Cocktail

Our Creamy Avalanche Cocktail Recipe My Avalanche Cocktail recipe is a super creamy drink that is smooth and is perfect for an after dinner drink when you need a hint of sweetness after a meal. This six ingredient cocktail typically features a combination of creamy liqueurs, such as crème de banane, crème de cacao (white),…

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watermelon crawl drink

Watermelon Crawl Drink

Our Watermelon Crawl Drink Recipe Will Have You Crawling Home! Our Watermelon Crawl Drink recipe is a tantalizing cocktail that captures the essence of summer in a single glass. This yummy concoction blends the natural watermelon flavor of watermelon schnapps with the sweetness of Southern Comfort and the nutty warmth of amaretto. A splash of…

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Grape Bomb Shot

Grape Bomb Shot

Grape Bomb Shot Drink Recipe Even though this may be a Grape Bomb Shot recipe, it’s doesn’t contain any grapes or bombs, so no need to get law enforcement involved, lol! And to really confuse you, this grape shot drink isn’t even purple but rather takes on the amber color of the Red Bull. But…

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Purple Dragon Martini

Purple Dragon Martini Recipe

Purple Dragon Martini Recipe – How to Make a Vibrant Cocktail The Purple Dragon Martini is a sweet and yet tart tasting drink that has 5 ingredients to it. But don’t worry, this drink is still simple to make even if you’re a new home bartender, just make sure you actually have all the ingredients…

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Grape Freeze Shot

Grape Freeze Shot

Our Tasty Grape Freeze Shot Recipe! This Grape Freeze Shot Recipe is very similar to my Purple Grape Gatorade Shot recipe here, but they’re still different. The Grape Freeze doesn’t switch out cranberry juice for the grenadine and doesn’t include any soda. Otherwise, they’re pretty similar and both have a great Grape flavor to both…

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yellow gatorade shot

Yellow Gatorade Shot

My Own Yellow Gatorade Shot Recipe So I decided to try and copy the yellow Gatorade drink flavor in an alcoholic shot. I did need to use some real Gatorade in this, so it’s pretty close in taste and color. But I will let you decide how this shot tastes. And if you want to…

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Bob Marley Frozen Drink

Bob Marley Frozen Drink

Our Bob Marley Frozen Cocktail Recipe The Bob Marley Frozen Drink is a colorful and tropical rum-based cocktail that is perfect for a beach vacation or for feeling like you’re on an island getaway. The drink is layered with the colors of the Rastafari flag – red, yellow, and green, and is named after the…

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Liquid Marijuana Drink

Liquid Marijuana Drink

Our Liquid Marijuana Drink Recipe is Smokeless! Before posting this Liquid Marijuana drink recipe, I wanted to find out where the cocktail originally came from as I had one of these on a friend’s recommendation a few years back and I did actually enjoy it. But after searching all over the internet and my bartending…

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Liquid Marijuana Shot

Liquid Marijuana Shot

Our Simple Liquid Marijuana Shot Recipe This Liquid Marijuana shot recipe is a variation of the Liquid Marijuana Drink, which contrary to its suggestive name, doesn’t contain any marijuana unless you add a few drops of CBD oil made for drinks and cocktails. Just like I mentioned in the drink article, it was hard to…

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white gatorade shot sitting on a bar

White Gatorade Shot

Our White Gatorade Shot Recipe! My white Gatorade shot recipe is a shot inspired by the popular sports drink, Gatorade but there is no Gatorade in it, so it’s classified as a ‘Copycat’ recipe and I hope you like it. This is my own recipe and it took me a while to tweak it enough…

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Acapulco Gold Cocktail

Acapulco Gold Cocktail

Acapulco Gold Cocktail History of the Drink This Acapulco Gold Cocktail recipe is a classic cocktail that originated in Acapulco, Mexico as far as we can tell, but finding the exact pedigree of this cocktail wasn’t easy. The drink is named after the city’s famous gold beaches, and it is a popular drink among tourists…

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After 5 Shot

After Five Shot

After 5 Drink Recipe After Five is a shooter with three layered ingredients that is composed of coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, and peppermint schnapps. It is a pretty drink or shot (shooter) that is really sweet and heavy, but still yummy like a dessert. Just don’t drink too many of these as shots as…

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After 8 Shots

After 8 Shot

Our After Eight Shot Recipe The After Eight Shot is named after the popular After Eight chocolate mints that were first introduced in the UK in 1962. The mints were named after the time of day when they were traditionally served, after dinner at 8 pm. The After Eight Shot is a modern take on…

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Absinthe Frappé in a fancy glass with crushed ice and mint

Absinthe Frappé

The Top Absinthe Frappé Recipe! The Absinthe Frappé has been a classic drink from New Orleans since 1874 and is a must-try for anyone looking for a refreshing and flavorful summer drink. It was a popular drink among the city’s elite and was often served at the famous Old Absinthe House. The drink became so…

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A-Bomb Cocktail in a highball glass with ice sitting on a bartop

A-Bomb Cocktail

Our A-Bomb Cocktail Recipe Will Blow Your Mind! The A-Bomb cocktail is a vodka-based cocktail that has four different ingredients including coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and orange liqueur. No one really knows the origin of the A-Bomb cocktail, but regardless, it’s a great drink to try when you want something different that includes vodka as…

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corkscrew drink

Corkscrew Drink

Our Upscale Corkscrew Drink Recipe! The Corkscrew Drink is a classic cocktail that has been around for many years. It is a simple and refreshing drink that is perfect for any occasion and if you add a little luster dust, this could even be classified as a simple upscale drink. The drink is made with…

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zipperhead drink

Zipper Head Drink

Our Zipper Head Drink or Shot Recipe! The Zipper Head drink is a cocktail or a shot depending on what bar glass type you decide to use with it. that has been around for many years. It is a simple yet delicious drink that is perfect for any occasion and only has three ingredients, Chambord…

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5 Star General Shot recipe

Five Star General Shot

Our Recipe for a Five Star General Shot The Five Star General Shot is one of those shots that’ll make you want to stand up and salute, pardon the lame pun! But seriously, this shot is a potent mix of Jagermeister, 151 Rum, Peppermint Liqueur, Cinnamon Schnaps, and Tequila. The recipe for the Five Star…

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hot nut shot

Hot Nut Shot

Our (famous!) Recipe for Hot Nut Shot! Sometimes you just need something a little warm, even in a shot. Our Hot Nut Shot Recipe is a sweet and nutty cocktail that is perfect for cold winter nights. The drink is made with almond liqueur, hazelnut liqueur, hot chocolate, and cherry brandy. Although I couldn’t find…

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Oil Spill Shot

Our Oil Spill Shot is Environmentally Friendly! The oil spill shot may sound like something you’d be drinking if you were working on an oil rig or something, but even with the unappetizing name, it’s actually a visually appealing and yummy shot. This unique concoction boasts a tantalizing blend of flavors from liqueurs like Goldschläger,…

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Oil Slick Shot Image

Oil Slick Shot

This Oil Slick Shot Recipe Will Lube You Up! Looking to spice up your cocktail repertoire? Look no further than the Oil Slick Shot! This layered concoction requires just two ingredients, making it a breeze to create. With equal parts Jägermeister herbal liqueur and Rumple Minze peppermint liqueur, this shot offers a perfect balance of…

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image of a Blood Orange Cosmo with a Lemon Slice garnish

Blood Orange Cosmo Recipe

Blood Orange Cosmopolitan Recipe The Blood Orange Cosmopolitan drink is as delicious as it is simple. I remember bartending at a private holiday party where they served this drink. The minute they opened the bar, the drink became an instant hit, and was gone within a few minutes. The bartenders and waitstaff had to continually…

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Blue Cosmo

Blue Cosmo Recipe

Blue Cosmopolitan Recipe The Blue Cosmopolitan is a fun variation on the classic cosmopolitan drink. As the name implies, the cocktail basically tastes the same as a normal cosmo, the difference being, the color of the drink. So, if it’s the exact same thing as the traditional cocktail, why do people order this? Perhaps, because…

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Pomegranate Cosmopolitan

Pomegranate Cosmopolitan Recipe

My Pomegranate Cosmopolitan Recipe! The pomegranate cosmopolitan is a great choice for those cosmo lovers who are looking for something slightly different, but still within the realms of a traditional cosmo. Well, look no further than this cocktail. The drink itself looks almost identical to a regular cosmo in color thanks to the dark, reddish…

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jello shots

Recipe For 100 Jello Shots

Make 100 Jell-O Shots at a Time! If you need a LOT of jello shots at one time, our Recipe For 100 Jello Shots is perfect because once you know the recipe for 100 jello shots, it’s easy math to figure out how to add more whether you need 200 or 500 shots. For a…

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Lemon-Lime Gatorade Shot

Lemon-Lime Gatorade Shot

Are you a fan of Lemon-Lime Gatorade but looking for something a little less healthy and with more of a kick? Then this Lemon-Lime Gatorade shot recipe is the perfect recipe to try. It’s a Copycat recipe which means there is no Gatorade, but it tastes just like the sports energy drink. It’s super simple…

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Starry Night Shot

Starry Night Shot

This starry night shot recipe is super simple two ingredient alcoholic drink and can be made as a shot or even a cocktail and tastes like cinnamony cough syrup in my personal opinion, but not bad as a shooter. The Jägermeister makes the night part of this drink. And the Goldschläger cinnamon schnapps makes the…

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Orange Gatorade Shot

Orange Gatorade Shot

This Orange Gatorade Shot is a copycat recipe that doesn’t contain any Gatorade, but still tastes just like the real thing. It just may not be what you should be drinking during a sports game. Or maybe it is, lol! This is a five ingredient shot that includes orange vodka, triple sec, sour mix, simple…

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margarita ingredients

The Original Margarita Recipe

This classic margarita recipe includes fresh ingredients to create the perfect margarita. This is nothing like store bought margaritas.

strong jello shots

Strong Jello Shots Recipe!

How to Make Strong Jello Shots? The easiest way to make strong jello shots is to use either Everclear or Spirytus 190 Proof as you alcohol o choice. You could even go as so far as to add something like moonshine if you’re able to get it. Or any other super concentrated alcohol. But one…

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Rum and Cranberry Juice

Rum and Cranberry Juice

Rum and Cranberry Juice Cocktail Recipe This is truly one of my favorite hot weather, lighter drinks. I know a lot of people that like vodka and cranberry, but I’m telling you, rum and cranberry is so much better! This drink is light, refreshing and is perfect for any hot weather drinking like a beach…

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A Purple Gatorade Shot

Purple (Grape) Gatorade Shot!

Yummy Purple Grape Gatorade Shot Recipe This purple Gatorade shot recipe, also called a Grape Gatorade Shot, includes Grape Vodka, Blue Curacao, sweet and sour mix, grenadine and a bit of Sprite. for a yummy grape Gatorade alcohol drink. For a list of more Gatorade Shots, check out the link! There really are a few…

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buffalo zoo drink original

Buffalo Zoo Drink (CopyCat)

Buffalo Zoo Drink from Buffalo Wild Wings Being originally from New York, I thought this was something to do with Buffalo. You know, like the Buffalo Bills. But nope, it does have to do with buffaloes in one way though, it’s a drink that is served at Buffalo Wild Wings. which is a restaurant chain.…

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Hotel California Cocktail

Hotel California Cocktail

Hotel California Cocktail This Hotel California Cocktail recipe is not the easiest to make, but it is definitely yummy. It has a total of five ingredients including tequila, pineapple and mandarin fruit juices and a bit of grenadine to add a dash of sweetness and color placing this drink on our list of drinks made…

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Blue Gatorade Shot Drink

Blue Gatorade Shot

Our Blue Gatorade Shot Recipe! Are you a blue Gatorade fan? You can make this drink either with blue Gatorade or without! This shot recipe is easy to make and only requires 3 ingredients. And check out my article list of Gatorade shot variations. How To Make a Blue Gatorade Shot? Grab your shaker and…

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red bull drink

Red Bull Sunrise

Red Bull Sunrise Drink Recipe A Red Bull sunrise is not just a wake me up now drink, it’s actually a good looking one too. The passion fruit syrup is drizzled on top of the tequila and sour mix before being topped off by the Red Bull making it a variation on the Tequila Sunrise…

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Naked Pirate Drink

Naked Pirate

Naked Pirate Drink Recipe If you feel like streaking while saying ‘Arrrr Mattie!’, this is the drink for you. And no, there are no naked pirates that come with this recipe (sorry ladies), although that could work at some establishments. And keeping to tradition, this three ingredient drink recipe does indeed include rum, although the…

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Root Beer Shooter

Root Beer Shooter

Our Delicious Root Beer Shot Drink Recipe This Root Beer Shooter recipe is an easy drink to make and definitely brings back memories of A&W root beer. I always loved root beer as a kid growing up. Maybe it was a foreshadowing of my bartending days or all the time I’ve spent sitting at a…

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chilly willy drinks

Chilly Willy Drink Recipe

Fruity and tropical with a punch to boot! This drink recipe can be too easy to drink!