Fat Frog Drink

My Fat Frog Drink Recipe is Frogless!

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Our fat frog drink is a fruity tasting alcoholic cocktail that is perfect for summer pool parties. It’s light and refreshing and super easy to make. All you doing is taking 3 bottles of already popular drinks and mixing them into one fat frog alcoholic drink that is super yummy, and can even be used as shots.

Our Awesome Fat Frog Drink Recipe!

This cocktail recipe includes 1 bottle Smirnoff® Ice, 1 bottle Bacardi Breezer® Orange and 1 bottle WKD® Original Vodka Blue. Then garnish with either a lime or my favorite, an orange slice.

Don’t worry, there’s no frog in this drink, but it will turn green, hence the name.

This drink is perfect for the beach or when you’re outside enjoying a summer day next to the pool. It’s light, refreshing and a little sweet. So if you’re not into fruity, carbonated sweet drinks, this isn’t for you.

making a fat frog cocktail

The best part about this cocktail is it is so easy to make. So if you don’t have a lot of time or are running late, all you need to worry about is having some ice and either a cocktail or pint glass. If you do have an extra minute, then slice up some oranges for a garnish that will improve the drink even more.

Personally I like to add everything into a pitcher with no ice and mix until it turns green. Then pour in a cocktail glass filled with ice and add the orange.

You could however just grab your glass or glasses, add ice, then pour a third of each bottle into the glass. A little messier and not as much fun as a pitcher. Plus the pitcher and ice filled glasses just look a lot better if presentation is important to you.

This is also idea for a Fat Frog shot as you’ll have a pitcher of shots instantly at the ready once you combine everything for this frog alcoholic drink. Awesome when people come around unexpectedly!

How to Make a Fat Frog Drink…

Fat Frog Drink

Fat Frog Drink

Yield: 1 pitcher
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

This fat frog recipe is drop dead easy to make and doesn't require any frogs!


  • 1 Bottle Smirnoff® Ice 330 ml
  • 1 Bottle Bacardi Breezer® Orange 275ml
  • 1 Bottle WKD® Original Vodka Blue 275ml


    1. Pour all 3 bottles of alcohol into a pitcher or bucket with ice.


No garnish needed. Remember, this will make a pitcher or a few dinks or many shots!

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About The Ingredients

fat frog ingredients

Smirnoff® Ice

It comes in 330 ml. bottles, the biggest bottle of the bunch. It has a nice lemon lime flavor and is also carbonated. Smirnoff Ice has been around a while and pretty much started the whole bottle mixed drinks craze we see today. Smirnoff® Ice contains 4.5% Alcohol by Volume.

Bacardi Breezer® Orange

Another great bottled mixed drink by the makers of Bacardi rum. Obviously as the name states, this rum drink has a nice orange flavor and is great all by itself. This Bacardi Breezer® contains only 2% Alcohol by Volume. The lowest of the three. It has also been all but discontinued since first writing this recipe. So I’ve updated some alternatives below.

WKD® Original Vodka Blue

At 275 ml, this was originally bottled as 330ml like the Smirnoff. But later changed to 275 ml. And this Scottish brewed drink was originally sold as “Wicked” and boast it’s made with triple distilled vodka. WKD® Original Vodka Blue contains 4% Alcohol by Volume.

Orange Bacardi Breezer Alternative

I find it a bit crazy that finding an orange bacardi breezer alternative is so difficult nowadays. Everyone is either using blood orange flavoring which is similar, but still not the same. Or they are mixing flavors like orange and passion fruit or some other additive.

Why don’t more companies just make a simple orange flavored rum canned drink?

But seeing that it’s no longer available for sale in the USA, I thought I should update this and give you some alternatives as being super easy to make is one of the biggest benefits of this drink recipe.

So here are four similar alternatives to the Orange Bacardi Breezer. Just take note that these aren’t as sweet, but the other ingredients will make up for that.

  • 3 Daughters Florida Hard Seltzer Orange
  • Clubby Orange Hard Seltzer
  • Stewart’s Orange & Cream Spiked Seltzer
  • Greenbar Spritz Orange Sparkling Cocktail

And if you want, here’s a sort of copy cat recipe to make your own Orange Bacardi Breezer. You’ll need to replace the 330 milliliters with this which is also about 11 ounces. So I’ve tweaked this to give you the same volume of liquid.

And this recipe will have a much stronger alcohol content!

Orange Bacardi Breezer Recipe


  • 2 ounces White Rum – you can use BACARDÍ Orange Flavored White Rum for more Orange flavor.
  • 3 ounces Orange Juice
  • 6 ounces Fanta


Just add all the ingredients to a mixer with some ice and give it a few nice stirs with a spoon. Don’t go overboard or you will have fizz everywhere. Add it to the recipe above to make basically the same thing or use one of the hard seltzers I listed above.

fat frog drink pinterest

Fat Frog Cocktail without Bacardi Breezer?

You can still make a Fat frog drink without Bacardi Breezer. Just use either the recipe for a homemade breezer that I wrote above, or use one of the alternatives I’ve listed.

Really you could just use a can of orange soda as a last resort. You’ll get basically the same flavor profile, just a bit less alcohol in the drink.

Let me know what you think of this fat frog drink in the comments below!

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