CBD Cocktail

CBD Cocktails and Drinks Recipes

Although the whole scope of CBD alcoholic drinks are a newer addition to the pub and club scene, I’m sure they are not only here to stay, but will grow very quickly as deregulation continues to open new markets and opportunities. Of course the infused drinks mostly started with coffee shops, but your neighborhood bar…

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Gatorade Shots In All Flavors

Gatorade Shots and Mixed Drinks!

Yummy Gatorade Drinks & Shots List! Did you know there are a bunch of Gatorade shots to try? I didn’t until I started messing around with making drinks with Gatorade. Then of course I looked around to see what everyone else was doing with them and was surprised to see just about every color and…

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White Wine Cocktails

White Wine Drinks

White Wine Drinks White wine is one of those versatile drinks that can be either enjoyed straight or it can be used as a mixer as well. So it’s no wonder there are now so many different white wine drink recipes floating around as they often make a lighter and more full bodied drink than…

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