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Agalima Margarita Mix Review

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Agalima Margarita Mix Review

Agalima Margarita Mix is a bottled margarita mix made from fresh ingredients and is USDA Certified organic. Single-pressed limes and Jalisco blue agave nectar are the “secrets” of this mix.

The blue agave nectar sweetens without that sugary or fake sweetener taste you get in many other brands of margarita mix. It’s also the same plant that tequila comes from, so it’s really a perfect match.

This definitely tastes as close to “fresh squeezed” as I’ve ever tasted as far as a pre-made bottled margarita mix goes.

This definitely tastes as close to “fresh squeezed” as I’ve ever tasted as far as a pre-made bottled margarita mix goes.

It’s also not too sweet or sour, and all of the flavors work together really well. Nothing is over powering and you can taste the pureness of their ingredients, which like I wrote already are all USDA certified organic. So it’s really nice to know I’m not putting any chemicals into my body like other mixes contain.

The 1 Liter glass bottle is good for eight 4 ounce servings and is actually a really nice looking bottle that can reused for all sorts of things.

I recommend using this with a decent tequila brand, something like Patron Silver, Olmeca Altos Resposado tequila or Milagro Silver tequila or even Don Julio.

If mixed with a brand of tequila you enjoy drinking straight or on the rocks, the added margarita flavors will elevate rather than compete with the tequila making for an enjoyable drink all around.

Side Note: Make sure you shake the bottle every time before pouring as the blue agave nectar can settle.

You can use this mix for a margarita on the rocks, or blended for a frozen margarita. Just make sure you have a blender for margaritas or frozen drinks that can handle crushing ice.

It’s even great if you’re using a margarita machine. Just use the same 1:2 ratio and pour the ingredients in the machine. Pretty simple really.

And here’s another tip, if you want to use this a a mocktail, add a bit of water and a fresh lime wedge. It’s concentrated to work with a 1:2 ratio of tequila, so if you try to just drink this out of the bottle it’ll most likely be way too sweet.

You’ll need to cut it. I have also tried cutting this with orange juice and it was a very tasty drink. So if this is what you’re doing, try a few fruit juices until you get the ratio and flavors you really like.



Water, Lime Juice, Agave Syrup, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Stevia Rebiana Extract. Just be sure to refrigerate after opening because it can go bad if not refrigerated after opening.

Is It The Best?

As far as taste goes, this is tied for me with Ficks, with Agalima pulling ahead by just a tad. If you buy either of these mixes you’ll be happy. But yes, if you see the two bottles side by side at the liquor store, go ahead and pick this one up first as I know you’ll love it.

Can I Make It Better?

You can play with this a bit. First, if you find it too sweet you can either add a bit less mix the next drink, or squeeze a lime wedge. Both of these options will cut the sweetness down without making your drink taste weak or diluted.

I’d also use a decent tequila with this. The cheap stuff is still too harsh and it’s difficult covering the harshness with a margarita mix. Use something you’d drink straight.

And of course, for the true authentic margarita experience, use a lime wedge on the rim of your glass and dip the rim side of the glass in some sea salt or spicy margarita salt. This will complete the drink.

Want something with more pizzaz? Try a spicy margarita mix next time for something a little different.

In Closing

So yes, this is a very positive review. In fact, it is my number one pick for a bottled margarita mix and comes in at 130 calories per serving. Definitely give it a shot and I’m sure you’ll love it. And when you do, come back and leave your own review below and let me know if you are a big a fan as I am.

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