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Best Beer Subscription Boxes (2024 Update!)

Originally Posted On May 31, 2023 and Last Updated On

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Which Beer Subscription Boxes to Get!

One of the best things that has happened in my lifetime is the rise of craft breweries. Before that you were stuck with a very limited list of beer brands, both domestic and from abroad.

But today, you can go to a million tiny breweries all over America and the world and have some of the best home brewed beer you’ve ever tasted.

Okay, maybe not a million, but did you know there are over 9000 legal breweries now in America? That’s enough to keep you busy traveling for 25 plus years if you were to visit each one yourself.

And they brew all kinds of beers, from lagers to stouts, it’s truly a new world of beer compared to 30 years ago.

But here’s the thing, with so many breweries and beers, how do you explore all the unique flavors the world has to offer?

Meet the Beer Subscription Box. An ideal way to discover all the best beers without ever needing to leave your couch.

And they come in all types too. Are you a huge fan of IPAs? Then get a subscription to only IPAs. Only like foreign beers, there are subscription for that too.

Most subscriptions work to offer you the beers and brewing styles you like most. You can really dial in and get specific, or you can just say surprise me, and get beers of all kinds and from everywhere.

And it’s great for small breweries as well. They’d never have the chance to show of their talents if it weren’t for these services. And of course you get to taste the world of beer without ever leaving your home bar.

And of course there are services for food as well. Actually about anything you could desire these days. So why not do a little food pairing. One of our favorites is Meal Fan.

Today there are thousands of breweries in the USA alone, and there are also a quite of few beer subscription services. This article is to help you decide which one s the perfect fit for your budget and taste.

beer of the month club website

Beer of the Month Club

Just like the name implies, this is the monthly subscription box company that has the most varied amount of options. Everything from IPA-centric with their Hop Heads Beer Club, the International Beer Club for those of you that want to taste beers from around the world but don’t or can’t travel, and The U.S.

Microbrewed Beer Club that exposes you to some amazing micro brews that otherwise you’d never even know about from Asian beers to beer from Africa, they have a LOT!

Or you can mix or match or have them send you a bit of everything. The Beer of the Month Club can create whatever you want and has the largest selection of both domestic and international beers online.

I you want to give this as a gift, your buddy or loved one will receive an email of which beers they’ll be getting right before shipment which they can accept, decline or swap out the offer for something else. This is great when you don’t know what your drinking buddy really likes. This way they’ll always be getting what they love.

And the price is right at $32.95 (plus shipping) for the starter club. And of course you can cancel at any time, or change your club choices. This beer club aims to please.

craft beer kings website

Craft Beer Kings (CBK)

Craft Beer Kings is next on our list and is a bit pricier than the above Beer of the Month Club. But they are also much more focused on American craft breweries and have been in the business selling craft beers in California for over 25 years. So they know their craft breweries and their relationships have really paid off with their online club business.

There are a lot of choice as far as what sort of box you want to get. From Stout and IPA Gift Box to the Sour Can Gift Box, there are over 20 pre-made boxes to choose from on their website.

And they are constantly adding more brews and breweries. So if you’re a serious micro-brew fan, one of their clubs would be a great option. You can check out their list of ready made clubs here.

One thing I do like about the price is shipping is included. So take that into account when looking at the prices of other clubs who charge separately, they may not always be the cheapest option although they may look like it.

beer drop website

Beer Drop

Next on the list is Beer Drop, another subscription service with a twist. This company has a few different options for the craft brewery lover and an app that lets you see their entire inventory at a glance.

You have full control and can either just order the beers you most want to try with a flat shipping rate, or subscribe to their service and get your beer delivered with flat rate shipping at $7.99 shipping each month no matter how big or small a plan you choose.

Plans start at $49 and there are a lot of different add-ons to control your choices even further. Right now they have eight different subscriptions that you can further tweak so you’re getting only the beer you really want.

The app really is helpful and lets you know everything as far as what is being delivered, and when you will receive it. And like I said, they have hundreds of constantly rotating beers so there is always something new to enjoy and buy straight from the app if you just can’t wait until the next subscription box appears at your doorstep.

Those are my top three picks and really the only subscription services you need to know about. Just one of these services should keep you in enough great tasting beer to last you a lifetime.

And don’t forget to order a few types of beer glasses so you get the full effect of drinking each microbrew.

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