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The Best Cranberry Juice for A Cosmopolitan

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Our Top Choices for the Best Cranberry Juice for Cosmopolitan

This is one mixer I do not take the time to make homemade even though I’m a huge fan of making your own juices for drinks. And the best cranberry juice for a cosmopolitan would definitely be freshly made juice.

The problem is, I just don’t have access to enough cranberries so I’ve personally never tried making it at home or in my bar. Luckily there are a few brands I like and cranberry juice has come a long way as far as the variety of brands and flavor profiles.

Want to change things up? What not try an alternative to cranberry juice. We have a great list of awesome substitutes for cranberry juice in your Cosmopolitan here.

And if you’re a fan of cranberry juice, try my rum and cranberry juice recipe here, it is super good and you’ll be surprised how delicious this simple drink is.

Ocean Spray 100% Pure Cranberry Juice

Ocean spray will always be my number one pick for cranberry juice. It really is yummy, period. And it makes a great drink. I’ve tried a few different brands and still haven’t been more impressed than this company. And they even make a super low sugar (only 1 gram!) diet variant that’s not half bad either. You can find it here.

Amazon Happy Belly Cranberry Juice

Yup, Amazon has their own line of cranberry juices! And believe it or not, it’s not bad at all. It’s a tad ‘lighter’ than Ocean Spray which maybe you’d prefer, I like the richer taste of the Ocean Spray though. One important thing to mention is their brand is about half the cost of other brands, like less than $3 a bottle! Can’t see getting cranberry juice any cheaper! And they even have their own version of a diet cranberry here.

Tropicana Cranberry Cocktail Juice

Tropicana is another low cost alternative that tastes just fine. Nothing amazing, but not bad either. For a mixed drink it works well and does it’s job. If you find it on sale or something, grab it, it’ll work.

Lakewood Pure Cranberry Juice

Lakewood cranberry juice is a great pick if you want something completely organic. But you are definitely paying for it! Their juice is something like five times more expensive than any of the other juices on this list. I’ve never tried it, but I thought I’d give another option for those of you with really big wallets.

bottles of home made cranberry juice

Best Sugar Free Cranberry Juice for A Cosmopolitan

What kind of cranberry juice for a cosmopolitan depends on you. If you’re on a diet or just trying to be health conscious, there are a few decent sugar free options you can choose when it comes to the cranberry juice in your drinks. Here are a few that I think are worth trying and using.

Langers Zero Sugar Added Cranberry Cocktail Juice

*Sweetened with sucralose

Langers offers one of the most sugar-conscious cranberry juices on our list. Their zero sugar added cranberry cocktail juice is sweetened with sucralose and boasts a mere 1g of total sugar per serving with no added sugar, perfect for a Skyy Vodka Cosmo. You can conveniently find Langer’s zero sugar added cranberry cocktail on Amazon.

Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice Drink

*Sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium

Ocean Spray’s Diet Cranberry Cherry drink is another low-sugar option, featuring just 1g of total sugar and no added sugar per serving. This diet cranberry juice is sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium and is available for purchase on Amazon. and can be used in many different types of cosmopolitan drinks.

365 by Whole Foods Market Cranberry Juice

We appreciate the simplicity of 365 by Whole Foods Market’s cranberry juice, consisting solely of filtered water, cranberry juice, and cranberry juice concentrate. With 7g of total sugar and no added sugar per serving, this cranberry juice offers a straightforward ingredient list. You can order 365 by Whole Foods Market Cranberry Juice from Amazon.

Ocean Spray 100% Pure Cranberry Juice

In addition to Ocean Spray’s diet cranberry juice, they also offer an unsweetened cranberry juice option. The Ocean Spray 100% cranberry juice is pure and free from added sugar, delivering 9g of total sugar per serving. You can find it on Amazon.

RW KNUDSEN Just Cranberry Juice

For those seeking cranberry juice without added sugar or sweeteners, RW Knudsen offers a suitable choice. With 9g of total sugar and no added sugar per serving, this juice maintains its simplicity and is great in a blood orange cosmo. Discover RW KNUDSEN on Amazon.

Lakewood Organic Pure Cranberry Juice

Lakewood’s cranberry juice is crafted exclusively from organic cranberry juice, making it a favorable option for health-conscious consumers. Each serving contains 11g of total sugar and no added sugar. This cranberry juice is available for purchase on Amazon.

Georgia’s Natural Cranberry

Georgia’s Natural offers an organic cranberry juice that’s purely made from cranberry juice without added sugar. Each serving contains 14g of total sugar and no added sugar. This cold-pressed, non-concentrate cranberry juice can be found on Amazon.

365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Cranberry Blend

In addition to their pure cranberry juice, 365 by Whole Foods Market offers an apple cranberry blend. This blend combines organic apple juice concentrate and organic cranberry juice, delivering 0g of added sugar and 28g of total sugar per serving. You can substitue it when making a blue cosmo cocktail. You can purchase this apple cranberry blend on Amazon.

Ocean Spray 100% Juice Cranberry Juice

Ocean Spray introduces another cranberry juice option that doesn’t include added sugar but does incorporate grape, apple, and pear juice for natural sweetness. Each serving contains 29g of total sugar and no added sugar. You can find this stuff on Amazon here.

What Is the Importance of Cranberry Juice in a Cosmopolitan Drink?

Since the cosmo is only a four ingredient drink, the cranberry juice plays an important role for a variety of reasons:

  1. Flavor Enhancement: Cranberry juice imparts a delightful tartness with a touch of sweetness to the cosmopolitan, harmonizing with the lime’s citrusy notes and the orange liqueur’s bitterness. This fusion of flavors elevates the cocktail’s taste.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: The brilliant crimson hue of cranberry juice contributes to the cosmopolitan’s visually captivating and distinct appearance. This vibrant color creates the iconic rosy tint, making the cocktail not only recognizable but also visually enticing.
  3. Taste Equilibrium: The cranberry juice’s tartness acts as a counterpoint to the orange liqueur’s sweetness and the vodka’s sharpness, achieving a crucial equilibrium that results in a well-rounded and enjoyable cocktail like this pink cosmo recipe.
  4. Acidity Enhancement: Cranberry juice introduces a desirable level of acidity that complements the other citrus elements in the drink. This heightened acidity enhances the overall palate, rendering the cocktail more invigorating.
  5. Health Considerations: Cranberry juice is recognized for its potential health benefits, notably its association with urinary tract health due to its ability to prevent infections. While the quantities used in a cosmo cocktail is typically small and may not yield significant health effects, you can at least feel a little good that you’re drinking something that is also good for you along with your alcohol!

Cranberry juice serves as a key ingredient that gives the cosmopolitan its distinctive character and is an indispensable component of the classic recipe.

Some Yummy Cosmopolitan Variations

Pomegranate Cosmopolitan – This recipe doesn’t include any cranberry juice at all and uses pomegranate juice as opposed to cranberry juice to create a new refreshing twist.

Pink Cosmopolitan – This very pretty colored drink is made by substituting homemade pink lemonade for cranberry juice and is super easy to make!

Blood Orange Cosmo – Another play on this classic is taking out the cranberry for blood orange juice. The color is awesome and it gives a slightly different taste on regular orange juice. A must try cocktail!

Blue Cosmo Recipe – This beautiful blue cosmo recipe is great for any occasion and looks stunning with its electric blue color.

Grape Cosmo – This is the drink for those of you that love grape vodka! A twist on the classic, this is also one stunning looking cocktail.

Skyy Vodka Cosmo – Made with Skyy vodka, this is close to the classic with a smooth vodka to make it even yummier.

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