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Best Edible Glitter for Drinks Plus Luster Dust!

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Edible Glitter & Luster Dust for Drinks!

Want to give some elegance to your drinks like no other? Try using some of the best edible glitter for drinks that I’ve listed below for a true Upscale Drink experience. Adding just a bit of luster dust or edible glitter can make a so-so drink glitter like the sun.

What is This Stuff?

Edible glitter, also known as Luster Dust, was first used in baking and helped decorate some of the most beautiful wedding cakes and anything else you could think of like cupcakes and chocolates.

Then people started experimenting and adding glitter to everything possible, including drinks and cocktails. But one problem became apparent, just because it was digestible or edible glitter didn’t mean it always worked for drinks.

So yes, edible glitters for baking don’t always work for drinks. They can clump up or simply sink to the bottom of the glass and not ‘glitter’ anything but your tongue. So choose one of the glitters I’ve listed blow, it makes a difference!

If you want to know a lot more about Luster Dust or Edible Glitter, scroll down as I go over a lot about this. Or use the table of contents to get to the section you want to know about most below.

My List of the Best Edible Glitters for Drinks!


Brew Glitter pink

BREW GLITTER® is the best overall product, and the company makes a whole plethora of colors to choose from and all of their glitters are specifically made to be used in drinks and cocktails. So they end up looking a lot better than other brands as the glitter floats around the drinks better rather than falling to the bottom or clumping up.

The one pictured is their pink version, some other colors include rose gold, silver, blue and many more. There are a total of 18 choices. Also all of their glitters are vegan, gluten and nut free and certified Kosher. They don’t change the consistency or taste of the drink, so you can use them in any recipe. Check out their store for more choices.

Cool Spray Glitter

cool shimmer dust for drinks

Another Brew Glitter product, but I thought this was a good idea so I’ve included it here. And the best part is the spray isn’t just convenient, but they come in 33 colors! That’s a lot of variety. Just be sure to shake the bottle good before spraying.

I want to be up front and say I haven’t tried this Brew Glitter product yet, but it looks promising. Just a quick spray on the top of a martini and you can name it a ‘Glimmer Martini’ and charge an extra few bucks if you’re in the bar trade, lol. Or just impress your friends with something that looks really nice and tell them how you worked so hard to make their drinks special. Got to love just spritzing something to make an impression.

Signature Drink Lab

signature drink lab edible glitter drink

Signature Drink Lab only makes glitter for cocktails as of this review. And I have to say, they are making a quality product. Their glitters don’t have any taste, so it’s not going to alter the taste of your drinks at all. They come in a hand ‘spice’ like glass shaker for easy use and are Kosher Certified! And if you REALLY love this stuff, this company can sell you quantities of 500 pounds or more. Now that’s a lot of happy dust.

Check out their store here.

MONÉGASQUE Silver Luster Dust

MONÉGASQUE Luster Dust for Drinks

MONÉGASQUE has an impressive line of glitters as well. These glitters are all gluten and dairy free and completely vegan and even certified kosher. And one thing I’d like to note, most glitters work better in alcoholic drinks, but this one does just as well in plain water or soda as it does in alcohol. Impressive.

They offer 12 different colors from Gold, Silver, Bronze, Pink, Violet, Green, White, Blue, Teal Blue, Burgundy, Orange to Black. The glitter doesn’t change the texture or the taste of your drink, so you can use it in even delicate drinks like glitter gold champagne for a wedding or similar. This also comes in an all 12 color set that you can find here.

Sweets Indeed

Sweets Indeed Edible Glitter

Sweets Indeed is a family run business that started as a bakery and now has branched out to supplies for bakers and people like us, drink enthusiasts. I was happy to see that it took a long time for these sparkles to sink to the bottom of the drink. A little goes a long way and the company seems to be doing things right. This is an American made product if that’s important to you.


Blacksherbet glitter drinks

Blacksherbet offers one of the largest selection of colors with 20 to try out. You can see them all in the picture below.

Blacksherbet color choices

These colors are vegan and gluten and nut free. he problem I have with this particular glitter is for some reason, it seems to take all carbonation out of the drink. So definitely a no-no for champagne or anything sparkling or bubbly. Too bad. Otherwise I love the color choices and it is cheap and easy to get.

What is it Made of?

Edible glitters include, ‘sugar, acacia (gum arabic), maltodextrin, cornstarch, and color additives’ (according to the FDA). Your glitter should always clearly state it is ‘Food Grade‘ and if it is for drinks, make sure it is marketed specifically for drinks!

The most basic recipe is simply sugar and a few drops of food coloring. You then bake the mix in an oven for 6-10 minutes, let cool and break up. Super simple and nothing special at all.

You can do the exact same thing using salt instead of sugar. This would go great with a Margarita recipe! Or any drink where salt is an additive or garnish.

In fact, speaking of garnish ideas, a great idea would be to use the sugar glitter above for something like a lemon drop. You could color the sugar you rim the shot glass with yellow glitter to match the lemon, or red to give it a stylistic pop!

Top Brands

There are a bunch of brands now, but some of the better or more well known brands of glitter are Brew Glitter, Sweets Indeed, Signature Drink Lab, MONÉGASQUE, Bakell. Any of those brands you should be fine with. And yes, there are more.

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