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The BEST Jello Shot Cups (Plus Buyer’s Guide)

You wouldn’t think it, but there are actually a lot of considerations when you’re looking to buy the best jello shot cups or containers. So even though it might be a really boring topic, we decided to write you this guide anyway on buying the best cups for jello shots.

First, you have size. Do you want one ounce or two ounce shots? Do you want paper or plastic jello shot cups? Do you need jello shot cups with lids? Do you want colored or clear? Or do you just want the cheapest shot cups and move on

One thing I’d like to point out is that if you’re using these to make like 100 Jell-O shots for a party or plan on not re-using these for more shooters or something else, then I highly suggest either using paper or biodegradable cups for your party.

There’s no reason to create more waste that’ll sit in a landfill for the next thousand years.

So, having thrown far too many parties as well as owning a bar, I think I can give you a really good breakdown as to what you should and shouldn’t buy when it comes to purchasing cups for jello shots.

Best Jell-O Shot Cups

What Size Should I Use?

First, let’s talk about size. Size does matter here 🙂 Both in amount consumed and price per cup.

The standard shot sizes for the usual throw away jello shot cups are one ounce and two ounces. And these cups follow this measurement.

Deciding which size to choose is more of a personal preference and anything else. But most people go with 2 ounces. And I suggest you do the same unless you’re creating your Jell-O shot masterpieces for a children’s party, then you can go with the small jello shot cups.

The next point I want to hit has to do about being environmentally friendly. When it comes to choosing paper or plastic, it’s the same old debate as choosing which bags to use a supermarket as there is for jello shots containers.


Don’t get the brittle clear hard plastic Jell-O shot cups because when you squeeze them they’ll shatter rather than release your shot! Make sure your cups have a little give like these do.

Personally I just use the cheap paper ones when I’m making a ton of shots for family and friends, but I do grab the biodegradable ones now. They only cost like a penny more, and now that I’m not a broke college kid any longer, I’ll pay the extra penny to feel good about destroying my body, but not the environment.

But if I’m trying to be artistic, and I want to layer my Jell-O shots, then I use the clear plastic ones with a little give.

Again, it really depends on what you’re using these for. If you’re just making Jell-O shots for some frat party, nobody’s going to care what the shot actually looks like.

All they’re going to care about is getting ripped (drunk). So the paper cups are not only cheap, but also super easy to dispose of. And they’re biodegradable!

Best Plastic Jello Shot Cups with Lids: These are not only the best plastic Jello shot cups, but they’re also the cheapest. Plus they come in almost every size possible.

Best Plastic Jello Shot Cups NO Lids: Crystalware Disposable 2 ounce Plastic Portion Cups are great when you don’t need lids for transporting.

Best Clear Squeezable Jell-O Shot Containers: Party Essentials Squeezable Plastic Jello Shot Glasses are the only Clear containers I recommend. They don’t shatter and are perfect for layered shots.

Best Biodegradable Jello Shot Cups: These 100% Biodegradable Bagasse Sugarcane Paper and Plastic Cup Alternatives are Eco Friendly and inexpensive. No reason to add to the world’s plastic problem.

Best Paper Jello Shot Cups: These Golden Apple brand cups come in packs of 250 containers for less than $10. Can’t e much better than that.

On the other hand if you’re creating artisan Jell-O shots that are three layers deep in a festive color combination to impress your friends with your upscale drink making capabilities, then you’re going to want people to see your artistic abilities. That’s when the clear Jell-O shop cups come in.

One last thing to consider is if you’re going to need lids for your shots. Don’t forget, if you’re planning on traveling with your Jell-O shots, you need some way to keep the Jell-O in the cup.

There are two easy with fixes for this. The first one is if you have a good sized baking sheet or an actual commercial baking sheet, you can just use the paper cups and then use Saran Wrap to cover them up. It works and it’s cheap and easy.

The second one is you really care about how your shots look aesthetically, then you just going to want to go with the plastic jello shot cups with lids. It really is the best option as far as storage and are basic bar tools.

Okay, so I’ve given you some things to think about when it comes to buying Jell-O shot cups. It’s not rocket science, but there are a few considerations to finding the best container for jello shots.

Now hopefully you know what you’re using the cups for. So now it’s time to move on and figure out which option is the best to buy for what you’re going for.

What Types are there?

There are primarily 3 types of jello shot cups not counting things like jello shot syringes or using fruit skins as the cup. You have paper, plastic and reusable containers. And then there are alternatives like lids, clear, or biodegradable. I’ll go over the differences between cups so you can decide what’s best for you and your party goers.

Paper Jello Shot Cups

So let’s start with the easiest. Paper jello shot cups may be one of the more environmentally friendly options out there, but they are not always the most practical.

There are plenty of pros to them. They’re super cheap, they’re disposable so no mess to contend with, and you can usually get a hold of them pretty easily.

The main disadvantage with paper cups is that they can leak, leaving your fridge a mess and your cups rather soggy when it comes time to shoot your shooters. One tip here is to let your mixture cool a bit before pouring them into paper or even the biodegradable containers.

And when it comes to eating the actual shot out of one of these, you pretty much have to squeeze out whatever you can while hopefully not breaking the bottom out of your cup. Or licking the sides where the jello sticks between the cracks where the paper folds.

Compostable Jello Shot Cups

I love these cups and they are my number one pick for paper category because they are actually made from plant based “paper”, but act more like a plastic cup.

The one thing to note about these is that since they are plant based paper, they do NOT stand up to heat as well as an oil based plastic would. So you must let your Jell-O cool in the pan before pouring the mixture into these containers.

That goes for all of the biodegradable options I’ve listed. They will melt if the Jello is too hot!

And even though you might be able to more easily recycle paper, it’s not such an Earth friendly option if the paper cup is still covered in jello, which is likely to be the case. Plus these sorts of containers usually have some kind of plastic or wax coating to try to make them as waterproof as possible.

So they may not always be 100% Earth friendly. But if you do care about the environment, if you’re making my 100 jello shot recipe, these would be the ones to use.

Usually though, they won’t be recycled at all. But at least these cups will break down over time in your local dump, so for the environmentally friendly drinkers out there, this is your best option if you’re looking to throw them away.

One tip when using paper Jell-O shot cups. Try to use them as soon as possible. Don’t let the Jell-O sit in them too long. The longer the Jell-O sits inside the cups, the more they will stick to the paper. So the best case scenario would be to make your jello shots in the afternoon and use them that night one the Jell-O sets up.

TIP: Spray a very small amount of an aerosol oil like Pam into each cup. You won’t taste it and it’ll really help keeping these cups non-stick. Check you didn’t spray too much and it collects in the bottom. If so, just use a paper towel to get out any excess oil.

Plastic jello shot cups

Plastic Jell-O Shot Cups with Lids

The obvious advantage to using plastic cups with lids is that they are plastic and therefore won’t leak and that they have optional matching lids which helps them stay fresh and make them easy to store and transport.

It’s one thing to make them in your kitchen, another to get them to where the party is.

But where these cups really stand out is that most plastic cups are completely see-through which means you can make some really beautiful Halloween or Christmas shots using the festive colored appropriate Jell-O and your shots will end up looking beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of your party. Who doesn’t love a little color, right?

TIP: Spray your shot cups with some vegetable oil before filling them and your shot will come out a lot easier. And you won’t taste the oil, I promise! Just a quick spritz.

And of course these cups come in both 1 ounce or 2 ounce varieties. And the cost is minimal.

Some not only that, there usually sold either with lids or without them. So if you don’t need him, you can even save a few pennies more and lessen the load on the environment.

And of course there’s always a few cons. The biggest disadvantage for the average jello shots containers is that there are the really cheap brittle kind and easily broken plastic. So when you try to squeeze out the Jell-O, you sometimes just end up breaking up the cup in making a bigger mess than anything else.

So be sure you’re getting a plastic that is pliable and not brittle. The idea with a jello shot is that you should be able to squeeze the shot out of the cup a little to get it started.

Now if kids are involved (obviously we are talking non-alcoholic shots), you might want to just give them spoons as well. Or use Jello shot syringes instead.


These cups were definitely a great idea. The company actually makes products specifically for jello shots. And nice EZ jello shots and easy to squeeze cups are perfect!

But… truth is, these things don’t stand up the way you think they would. So here’s my quick overview…

Pros: These cups have some pros for sure. They are cheap, they don’t leak and according to their manufacture, they help shorten the chill time of your shots setting up. They also really do allow you to shoot your shot more easily than say the paper cups do.

But one caveat as far as the pros, when I made my jello shots, I didn’t notice any noticeable difference on the time it took for my shots to be ready. But maybe they do shave off a few seconds, I really couldn’t “scientifically” say.

The Cons: They’re plastic, so if you’re environmentally friendly, you won’t want these.

Also, although they are plastic, they really don’t hold their shape after you use them. This is because of the squeezing you do. It deforms the cups shape and they will never return to their natural state!

And forget the lids. They really don’t fit that well. even before you squeeze them!

AND you still end up licking the sides of the cup just like any of the cheaper cups. although if you use the sugar-free Jell-O, for some reason it seems to stick less.

So my biggest negative is that they are plastic, yet they aren’t reusable. So what’s the point???

The regular plastic cups with lids are better, cheaper and if you are making layered shots, look a lot more stunning as these are a bit “foggy” as far as the see through plastic goes.


Can You Use Paper Cups for Jello Shots?

Yes, you can make Jello shots in paper cups. The main reason people don’t usually make jello shots in paper cups is because the jello sticks to paper that hasn’t been treated in some way to be non-stick.

If you just buy a bunch of paper cups and add the jello shot mixture, it’s going to be difficult to get the shots out. They will stick to the sides.

A real easy fix for this is to just take a cooking spray oil like Pam and spray just a little onto each cup. You really can’t taste the difference and the jell-O comes out a LOT easier.

So yes, you can make Jell-O shots in paper cups, but you must prepare the cups before with a little oil mist to make sure the jello releases from them.

What Else Can You Use?

Yes, you can make jello shots without cups. In fact, there are some really cool things you can do using all types of things like molds meant for jello or even chocolate.

Actually, you don’t even need anything, just place your shots in a pan and cut them up into squares when they’re ready, no fuss and no added garbage!

How Many Ounces?

Jello shot cups come in 1 ounce, 2 ounce and 3 ounce sizes as ‘standard’ shot size cups. You can also find pretty much every size in between, but most times you want the same as a standard shot size which is one or one and a half ounces of Jell-O.


So there you have it. A complete buyers guide to Jell-O shot cups. I’ve tried to make sure everything you could possibly want to know about them was included so that you could make an easy buying decision.

And don’t forget to take a look at my article: How to Make Jello Shots!

Find out where to buy Jello Shot Cups here.

And if you think I left anything out, please feel free to comment below and I’ll add it to the article.

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