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Eight Best Beer Keg Refrigerators (kegerator)

Beer keg refrigerators are a great addition to any home, especially if you love throwing parties, watching games with friends or just chilling with a glass of ice cold beer in hand. There are plenty of beer keg refrigerator models on the market but only a few stand out as good quality products worth a purchase. To make it easier for you to choose, we have compiled the ten best beer keg refrigerators below!

#8 – Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100

The Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 beer keg refrigerator model is a 5.1 cubic-foot, full-size kegerator. It features a draft beer dispenser and a 13 inch beer top tower, making it easy for you to sip cold beer into differently sized glasses. This beer keg refrigerator has a drip tray as well as a chrome guardrail to prevent glasses from sliding off. The drip tray is removable and easy to clean. The Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 beer keg works with the 2.5 lb CO2 tank and has a double regulator which measures the output and the tank pressure, producing the perfect pour. This high quality kegerator has four rolling casters that make it mobile and easy attached anywhere you like.

#7 – EdgeStar KC2000

The EdgeStar KC2000 is a full site kegerator and a keg beer cooler. The temperature range of this kegerator goes from low 30s to mid 40s. It has a protective metal floor plate which significantly adds to the durability of the product. Four casters are added for mobility, allowing you to move the kegerator with ease. This beer cooler offers excellent value, as it is durable and does the job well. It has a two piece drip tray for added convenience and enhanced user experience.

#6 – Kegco Digital Beer Cooler

This is a full size kegerator, featuring a dual faucet and digital temperature control with an LCD display. The device has integrated fan-forced cooling, which is great for maintaining temperature. It has a wide temperature range from as low as 32 degrees to as high as 75 degrees. This kegerator allows you to both store beer and make it ice cold or home-brew your own beer, using this kegerator as a fermentation chamber. It has a large interior with the capacity of a full size keg or two or three smaller kegs, which allows you to store more than one beer at a time. This Kegco digital beer cooler comes with the premium key tapping kit.

#5 Keggermeister KM2800BK

This Keggermeister model is a full size single tap beer refrigerator and dispenser. Featuring a stainless steel tower, it is durable and allows you to use differently sized glasses or mugs. This kegerator can hold a full keg or two 5 gallon kegs, if you wish to store two different beers. It has adjustable temperature control and a three-sided chrome guardrail for safety. Smooth casters allow you to move it around. A CO2 bottle is included with the purchase.

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#4 EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Beer Kegerator

This EdgeStar kegerator model fits 1/6 barrel or one Cornelius keg. It comes with a loaded CO2 tank and a digital thermostat for controlling the temperature. Blue LED lightning adds to the appearance of this kegerator, which is a great plus. The internal circulation keeps your beer evenly cold. The downside of this model is that it is not compatible with casters. However, it has a reversible door, meaning you can open it from each side and optimize the space around it. A built in lock is added for security as well.

#3 EdgeStar BR2001BL kegerator

The BR2001BL model is an ultra low kegerator with temperautres from low 30s to mid 40s. It can store a full sized half shell standard keg and it comes with casters for mobility. This kegerator features a reversible door, as well as a protective floor plate. It is durable and has great value for the price, as it can be converted into a fridge too. If you’re looking for a low temperature kegerator, the EdgeStar BR2001BL model is a great option to consider!

#2 Kegco K209SS-2 kegerator

This Kegco model is a full size kegerator with a double faucet, featuring a stainless steel door. The product includes a keg tapping kit. It has a large interior that can fit one full size, pony or quarter slim keg, two 5 gallon kegs along with one 5 gallon home brew keg. Its sleek black design makes it fit in almost any kitchen. The rolling casters have a lock feature to prevent the kegerator from moving once n place. This long-lasting and durable kegerator features an energy efficient cooling technology that will keep your beer ice cold all the time!

#1 Kegco K199B-2P kegerator

The Kegco K199B-2P kegerator is a two keg beer cooler with a premium double faucet. Its sleek black design makes it luxurious and professional-looking. The premium keg tapping kit is also included in the purchase. This kegerator is made of 100% stainless steel, which makes it highly durable. A metal safety rail is added to keep the glasses safe from sliding off. Four mobile casters allow you to move the kegerator easily. Thanks to two removable wire shelves, you can convert this kegerator into a refrigerator as well!

These ten beer kegerators are considered to be the top products on the market. Depending on your requirements, we are sure you will be able to find one that suits your needs best! And if you have been taking advantage of your new beer fridge too often, you might want to check out our article on how to cure a hanover!

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