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Best Margarita Machine for Home (Updated for 2024!)

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The Best Margarita Machine for Home or Bar!

If you’re looking to buy the best margarita machine for your home to make some delicious frozen drinks, the kind you can make at home or even in a “real” bar, then you’re going to love my recommendations and reviews as I have been using these frozen concoction makers for years, both as a “private” individual at home, as a professional bartender, and as a bar owner.

So you can say I have a bit of “hands-on” experience.

Make GREAT Margaritas with These Machines!

Best Home Machine: Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker

This is the margarita machine for most people, simple to use and the 36 ounce pitcher is large enough to make enough margaritas for you and a few friends on demand. Check availability.

Best Commercial: Margarita Girl Single-Bowl Mini Sized Margarita Drink Machine

The only “true” frozen drink machine on the list. This machine mixes and freezes your ingredients to make superior on-demand frozen drinks. Check Availability.

Best for Groups: Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker

This model of Margaritaville actually has 3 different blenders capable of making 3 completely different drinks. A little overboard unless you’re using it at a catering event or somewhere you need a lot of frozen drinks quickly.

Most Versatile: Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Easiest to Use: Nostalgia 64-Ounce Margarita Maker

And since I try to be as honest as possible and not try to just sell you stuff, I can honestly say, with all the hype around these machines, that usually you’re paying for the brand name and the idea of a margarita maker.

Yeah, I know that sounds a bit counter intuitive, but it’s the truth. Unless you’re spending at least $600 on a machine, all you’re really getting is a jazzed up frozen drink blender that makes margaritas.

Now I’m not saying they don’t have their place, they do. They look nice and they often do make a nice drink, the only downside is that after doing my own testing and extensive research, I found a lot of my friends that have purchased one of these say they usually only use it occasionally, or they used it a few times after they got it and haven’t used it since.

So, firstly I have listed what I believe are the best margarita machines available right now and why. You’ll find the list right under this. Then I am going to write about why I think you don’t actually need one of these, and what I personally, and many of my bartender friends have done as instead.

Our Margarita Machine Reviews

Margaritaville DM3000 Tahiti Home Margarita Machine

This specific model of frozen drink maker is the largest option Margaritaville has. It comes with three pitchers so you can make either three different types of frozen drinks simultaneously, or three completely different flavored cocktails.

Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Margarita Maker


For huge parties and events!

  • This is the largest non-commercial option available with three pitchers that can make three completely different drink mixes at the same time. Useful for events or really large gatherings or even catering events.

he maker is pretty fun to use, and to watch it make drinks. Just add ice to the machine, then add the ingredients you need for whichever sort of drink you’re making to each pitcher.

The machine will then shave the ice, add it to the filled pitchers, and then blend the ingredients until you have a nice frozen drink consistency. This is all done automatically so you don’t even need to watch the machine at all.

The six settings inter-work with the three blending pitchers for a custom, shaved ice beverage. Getting a taste of Mojitos, Daiquaris, and pina-coladas is also possible with this machine’s versatile functions. You can also add dry margarita mixes to this machine.

Using the Margaritaville DM3000 certainly isn’t rocket science. It’s as easy as filling the top of the pitcher with ice and inserting your favorite ingredients in the reservoir. All that’s left is to press the right button to produce a drink that’s the perfect consistency for the intended creation.

There won’t be a single person who goes without a drink as this machine can produce 144 ounces of whatever you’re intending to make.

The manual controls give you a lot of freedom to make it just how you want it. You can easily choose the consistency of each drink. And the melted ice is collected to make sure you don’t get those watery cocktails that some restaurants serve.

You can check out the official Margarita website here.

Margaritaville DM0700 Home Margarita Machine

Being the life of the party doesn’t get any easier than bringing this machine to events. It’s impossible to find someone who doesn’t enjoy what this machine has to offer on occasion.

Our machine is still working in perfect order after years of use. Thus, it’s making it extremely easy to entertain family and friends when they visit. Lots of fun is had when I make my favorite drink, strawberry margarita’s with real fruit, for my guests. Or better yet, spicy margaritas!

All you need to do is touch the button to create the high quality drinks that blend the perfect combination of shaved ice with fruit to make a restaurant quality beverage for you and your guests to enjoy.

Each can hold 32 ounces in a single pitcher. Add ice and fruit into the proper locations and press the button to start. You’ll get that beautiful drink in a manner of minutes.

The easy to clean design makes this model highly convenient. The cross controls the front allows makes this machine stable. A glass jar makes this machine fully functional without having to buy anything else to enjoy your beverage.

The 15’x 11′ x 21 inches of space for creation make enough servings to satisfy all guests. Makes a great gift that’s perfect for anyone in your life that’s of drinking age.

Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-Ounce Home Margarita Machine

This is the best small margarita machine available right now. Not too big or small, it can handle most pool parties and family gatherings. This Bahamas 36 ounce machine has duel motors and is measures around 14-2/5 by 8-2/7 by 18 inches big, so make sure you have some room. And the biggest plus is this machine shaves ice, it doesn’t blend or crush the ice like many other makers do. And yes, that matters, it’s why the drinks from these are like slushies rather than having all different sized chunks of ice.

The ice bin can hold enough ice for a pitcher of margaritas and there is a small reservoir in the back of this model that allows any melting ice to trickle down so it doesn’t end up in your drink and watering it down.

This is a great small margarita machine!

It has a 36 ounce shatter proof pitcher which makes it safe for pool parties and having kids around. It also comes with a shot glass for measuring, a recipe book and a manual so you can get it out of the box and start making some awesome drinks as quickly as possible.

One thing that I particularly loved about this machine is that it is quieter than many other machines I’ve used before.

Everyone will be unable to wait until Friday night! It’s time to get all your friends over to try all the beverages this machine can create. It only takes a taste for them to dream of getting this machine for themselves. Just remember, margarita mix does expire so make sure to use it up!

Margaritaville DM900 Battery-Powered Cordless Margarita Maker

Isn’t it time you got a margarita machine that’s ready for you to take it with you? This machine is completely cordless, making it very possible to take it wherever you need to go. Some want to have their parties outside. This makes it difficult to include electronics.

Active people on the go can enjoy this perfectly transportable machine. The power of this machine allows you to create enough beverages for 80 people on one charge. A large party can be served.

Restaurant style drinks are easy to make by using one of the most simplistic Margarita machines on the planet. It’s as easy as pouring in the ingredients into the jar and placing the ice in the reservoir. The next step is simply pushing start.

It makes 36 ounces of cocktail at a time. The ice shaving is almost automatic just like most great ice machines. For those who are hosting a party for children, this blender has an excellent ability to make smoothies or slushies for kids.

There is no difference when it comes to the reliability of models that have cords and this one. This graphite styled machine is at a portable size of 10x21x15. The weight is 18 lbs. This makes it small enough for an adult to carry.

While this model can be pretty loud when it’s running, it’s well made up for by it’s ability to produce quality beverages. It does have some added weight from the battery; however, the weight was meant to be transportable.

Don’t be fulled into thinking that this model only has the purpose for making excellent drinks outside of the home. It’s perfect for in-home use as well.

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker

Serving your guests is easy when you have the ability to make drinks like a professional bar tender. Your drinks can just keep coming in a vast amount of variety with this machine’s capability to make 48 different types of cocktails.

Guests can storm in at any size with this machine’s ability to create one drink after another. Whether it’s a big party or a small one, this machine is perfect. Self serving drinks is easy with this custom drink maker.

You only need to add alcohol and mixers of your choice into the four containers to produce a lot of delight at your party. It’s the best way to produce a custom cocktail to delight your guests. It creates a large range of cocktails as it is one of the most productive drink makers on the market with its four containers.

Getting the type of liquor you want within them is easy. When finished, turn the wheel and your cocktail is created. It is almost one of those essential bar tools!

The screen helps with displaying the name of your cocktail and the recipe you are going to use. It has a short cord, which make it a less than perfect machine for some. An extension cord can make up for this issue if it is inhibiting your party.

Choose a convenient spot before the party and it is ready to go. Don’t put pulp or carbonated beverages in this one.

Nostalgia Electrics 64-Ounce Margarita Maker

Need to make ice cold drinks that don’t have that horrible, runny texture? The amazing mojitos, daiquiris and margaritas that come out of this machine are as high quality as what you’d find in a restaurant.

Slushies are easily made by this machine and are perfect for those parties where minors are attending. You can use your imagination to make any drink possible.

The mechanism for shaving and grinding ice leaves a smooth finish without annoying chunks. The 64 ounce capacity makes it quick and easy to make drinks for all your guests. The red color and sleek look make it easy and perfect to use.

It’s a wonderful gift for any cocktail lover out there. It’s perfect for Spring or Summer!

And don’t forget to grab the travel bag if you’re going to be moving around in your RV or whatever. This bag was designed specifically for Margaritaville machines and will keep your machine safe from scratches and dents.

So which margarita machine did you choose and why? Let us know in the comments below and share your feedback on which machine you choose as the best margarita machine for 2022.

Margarita Girl Single-Bowl Frozen Drink Machine

Margarita Girl

For ANY Frozen Drink!

  • When size does matter, this commercial machine can handle 50 cups of any frozen concoction at a time and ready to serve in an hour. You can even make mocktails and more with this!

Margarita Girl Single-Bowl Margarita Frozen Drink Machine

I only use Margarita Girl brand commercial margarita machines for one simple reason. They are made in the USA in Austin, Texas.

And no, being made in Texas doesn’t matter to me, never been there. What does matter is that if the machine fails, or I need a part or someone to fix it, I can get help from the company.

“2-year parts warranty backed by a U.S. service center”

Try that with most other brands of commercial machines and you’ll understand why investing in a machine made within the US, assuming you are in the US as well, it matters a lot.

These machines are expensive and heavy. Have a problem with most machines made abroad and you’ll be told to :ship it back” at a nice hefty cost to you! Out of your pocket, not theirs.

What’s I find a bit funny is if you look at the biggest “reviews” sites for best commercial margarita machine, many list the smaller version of this machine here, and yet it states right on the advertisement “NOT INTENDED FOR COMMERCIAL USE”. Ugh! I guess they really don’t do their research.

But that’s not the only reason I recommend this “bigger” machine as the best commercial margarita machine. This is one of the few “true” frozen drink makers on the list and is not just a fancied up blender.

Do not try to make skinny drinks in this, it won’t come out correctly.

Margarita Machine vs Blender?

First of all, what is a frozen margarita machine exactly?

In the simplest terms it is a machine that can blend ice and drink ingredients together to produce a frozen drink. It doesn’t have to be a margarita, it can be a Piña Colada, or a slushie, it’s all the same. It’s just the liquids that are different. Basically you can do the same exact thing with a normal blender.

Usually it is some sort of ice holder and a blender of some type packaged together. And of course for a nice hefty price.

Yes, they are fun to use, and look impressive, but are they really worth the cost?

Personally, I don’t think so. And here is why…

Let’s look at the best overall margarita maker pick, the Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker.

Now granted, it’s a nice looking machine. And it really does make great frozen cocktails and drinks. I definitely give it that. But the list price is around $200 at Amazon right now. About the cheapest you’ll find unless it’s on sale.

And what’s the upside of getting this? What does it do better or differently than a regular blender? Or rather a blender that is strong enough to blend ice, as there is a difference.

See, when you buy a margarita maker, you’re really buying a blender, it’s just you can’t really use it for anything else other than drinks. You can, but mixing some tomato soup in it is going to be a bit strange, no?

So it’s limiting and expensive. Why not just buy a great ice or bar blender? It’s not like the margarita makers make ice for you. No, you need to place the ice in the machine, just like you would for a blender.

Here’s the truth, you don’t need one of these. If you really want it, go for it. But if you want to be practical, get the ice blender that I have used in my own bars and I know for a fact make great frozen drinks, even non-alcoholic ones.

One caveat here, I am talking about 99% of the blenders that are marketed as “Margarita Machines”, not a “real” margarita machine, which is actually a slushi machine like you see at gas stations that take all of the ingredients for the frozen drink you want, and freeze them without any additional ice or blending being required. THAT’S a true Margarita machine.

But commercial style margarita machines are expensive, usually starting at $1000 and they go up from there. But if you really just need the absolute best of everything, then I’d go for the $600 Margarita Girl Single-Bowl Mini Size Margarita Slush Frozen Drink Machine. This is a true frozen drink machine and can make any bar styled frozen drinks.

But if that’s a bit expensive for you, then I would go with the best frozen drink blender I could afford. And if I really wanted to splurge, then I’d also get the best home bar ice maker to go with it.

Because let’s face it, even the most expensive MargaritaVille machine needs me to add ice cubes to it. So having a great ice machine is a nice addition regardless what you end up doing.


But let’s talk money here for a moment. Just how much is a margarita maker compared to the other options?

Looking at the biggest sellers, which is definitely the Margaritaville brand, let’s say that you want the Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker which is my pick for the best home margarita maker.

It’s a nice machine and does its job well. And it also costs around $200. Although for some reason they like to keep the price hidden, not sure if that is Amazon or Margaritaville. But whatever.

Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Bender

Ninja BN701

Perfect Blender for Frozen Drinks!

  • This is the blender that can do everything a regular margarita machine can do and a LOT more. This is a powerful blender that allows you to make any frozen drink you can think of, it’s just a lot cheaper than a frozen margarita machine.

Now let’s start with the blender. For something similar in just a blender, I really like the Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Bender at $89.99 on Amazon right now. So if I just get the blender, and pretty much do the same as the Margaritaville does, I can save $110. Nice!

But I want to splurge. So I am going to add the Magic Chef 27-Lb. Portable Countertop Ice Maker to my order for $133.99 more. Also on Amazon.

Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker

Magic Chef

Have ice whenever you need it!

  • Ice is obviously a huge part of a frozen drink. And having a good ice blender and ice machine allow you to make as many frozen cocktails as you want, whenever you want, and even where ever you want. As long as you have an extension cord!

So my total is $223, and I have Prime so my shipping is free. So that means for a bit more that $20 extra, I not only get a blender that can make the best frozen margaritas and any other frozen drink I want, I also have unlimited ice to make all these drinks with as well. And that ice maker is portable.

So it’s up to you, get the combo above, or try one of the margarita machines I’ve listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions on Margarita Machines

Margarita machines can cost between $50 to $1000’s for a commercial machine. The absolute cheapest margarita maker I could find is the Nostalgia Margarita Machine here that retails for somewhere between $50 to $70 depending on where you buy it.

Making a margarita in a margarita machine is the same as if you were making one in a blender. You add all your ingredients, including a mix if you’re using one into the machine, add ice if you’re required by your machine and turn it on. It’s pretty simple!

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