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Ficks Margarita Mix Review

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Ficks Margarita Mix Review

Do you love margaritas but just don’t want to go through the hassle of making one yourself?

That’s exactly what Ficks Margarita Premium Cocktail Mix was invented for, allowing you to have a fresh margarita that tastes as good as any restaurant’s on demand, yet doesn’t have all the additives that most other margarita mixes have.

And that’s the stand out with this pre-made bottled mix, the ingredients are all some what healthy.

Flicks does use the word “Premium” on their bottles, and for good reason. They use real ingredients, not chemical knock offs like so many of the other brands do.

Ficks Margarita Premium Cocktail Mix

Ficks Margarita Premium Cocktail Mix

The “Healthier” Choice!

  • This really is my favorite bottled margarita mix right now. I think as this newer brand begins to grow, it’ll become a staple in many home bars.

For example, their limes are fresh and hail from Mexico. Instead of refined sugars, the use pure cane sugar. If you know a bit about mixology, you know cane sugar always tastes better than the white stuff most people use. And it’s healthier. Also included is a bit of organic orange extract for depth.

They also use a touch of blue agave imported from the Tequila and Mescal region of Mexico to naturally sweeten a bit more. A nice touch in my opinion.

And all of this “natural” stuff shows in the end result as far as a really fresh taste, and the fact that it only contains 10 grams of sugar and 35 calories, about half what you’ll find in other mixes, per cocktail. Not bad at all!

ficks ingredients

As far as the bottle goes, this is a large 32 ounce bottle and it is supposed to make 10 servings. Personally I have a heavy hand, so I get like eight out of a bottle.

Don’t forget to shake this up before you make your drink! And yes, you can drink this straight from the bottle without alcohol if you wanted!

But still, at $16.99 a bottle, or less when you buy a 2, 3 or 5 pack, that comes out to a bit ore than $2 per drink at eight drinks. Seeing I pay from $8 to $15 for a margarita in a bar, I’m totally happy with spending the seventeen bucks to have no mess or clean up. Yes, I can be lazy!


Sweetness not to sweet at all. I think it’s about perfect. If you do love your margaritas sweeter, just add a touch of sugar or honey. But I definitely wouldn’t do that.

Tartness – Again, really well balanced. I do like to squeeze a little lime for a small lime kick. But that’s all I add to this. And I just really like limey tartness.

Want something a little spicy? Take a look at our list of the best spicy margarita mixes and try something a tad different than the “normal” original margarita.

What to Mix This With?

This is a mix, so don’ use a premium tequila if you don’t want to. A mid shelf like Jose Cuervo or something a bit nicer like Patron is fine. Either will make a great tasting drink. Just follow the directions on the Flicks bottle and you’ll be a pro mixologist in less than a minute.

You can even check out my authentic margarita recipe here if you ever want to drink a real handmade one.

Ficks Margarita Premium Cocktail Mix

Make it Even Better?

First, salt the rim of your glass. This is a margarita, correct? Use a margarita bar glass for ambiance if you have one. Then add a little fresh lime, like less than an eighth of a lime. Only do this if you feel you need more lime flavor.

Lastly, add a splash of orange liqueur. It just gives it a nice fresh taste overall. Or you can try a little Triple Sec. Obviously you’ll need to try these extras for yourself.

Of course none of this is necessary, this mix is great straight out of the bottle. You can drink it straight as a Mocktail if you wanted, u you should add a it of soda to cut it a bit as it is intended to be mixed so it’s potent by itself.

You can even throw this in a margarita blender with some ice or a margarita machine and make yourself a frozen one. On ice or frozen, either way it’s good!

And I give it a full 10 stars. Great taste, actually some what natural, and easy as can be to make a great margarita with no mess or hassles. Definitely my favorite bottled margarita mix.

In Conclusion

I think you’ll love this mix, I do. And I think the only reason why it isn’t much better know is the company simply lack proper distribution in stores. Right now the easiest place to get this is at Amazon.

If you do happen to see it in a local store, grab it! Especially if it is on sale or something. I promise you’ll like this a lot.

I do think as more people try this bottled mix, it will grow in popularity. So give it a try now, then introduce it to your friends. You can be the margarita mix “influencer” for all of your friends.

What I like

Not too sweet or tart, FRESH flavors! Save money since you can use a cheaper tequila but your drink still tastes good.

What I don’t like

Must be used 2 weeks after opening. But I guess you could freeze it. Must be refrigerated after opening. May receive bottles with loose caps.

Ficks Margarita Mix Review

Bill Allen

ficks margarita mix


Ficks Margarita Mix is a pre-made bottled mix containing nothing but 100% natural ingredients, absolutely no chemicals giving you a refreshing and dare I say healthy margarita drink.

What do you think of Flicks?

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