Liquid Marijuana Shot

Liquid Marijuana Shot

Our Simple Liquid Marijuana Shot Recipe This Liquid Marijuana shot recipe is a variation of the Liquid Marijuana Drink, which contrary to its suggestive name, doesn’t contain any marijuana unless you add a few drops of CBD oil made for drinks and cocktails. Just like I mentioned in the drink article, it was hard to…

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Naked Pirate Drink

Naked Pirate

Naked Pirate Drink Recipe If you feel like streaking while saying ‘Arrrr Mattie!’, this is the drink for you. And no, there are no naked pirates that come with this recipe (sorry ladies), although that could work at some establishments. And keeping to tradition, this three ingredient drink recipe does indeed include rum, although the…

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chilly willy drinks

Chilly Willy Drink Recipe

Fruity and tropical with a punch to boot! This drink recipe can be too easy to drink!