A Purple Gatorade Shot

Purple (Grape) Gatorade Shot!

Yummy Purple Grape Gatorade Shot Recipe This purple Gatorade shot recipe, also called a Grape Gatorade Shot, includes Grape Vodka, Blue Curacao, sweet and sour mix, grenadine and a bit of Sprite. for a yummy grape Gatorade alcohol drink. For a list of more Gatorade Shots, check out the link! There really are a few…

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buffalo zoo drink original

Buffalo Zoo Drink (CopyCat)

Buffalo Zoo Drink from Buffalo Wild Wings Being originally from New York, I thought this was something to do with Buffalo. You know, like the Buffalo Bills. But nope, it does have to do with buffaloes in one way though, it’s a drink that is served at Buffalo Wild Wings. which is a restaurant chain.…

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Hotel California Cocktail

Hotel California Cocktail

Hotel California Cocktail This Hotel California Cocktail recipe is not the easiest to make, but it is definitely yummy. It has a total of five ingredients including tequila, pineapple and mandarin fruit juices and a bit of grenadine to add a dash of sweetness and color placing this drink on our list of drinks made…

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