Gatorade Shots In All Flavors

Gatorade Shots and Mixed Drinks!

Yummy Gatorade Drinks & Shots List! Did you know there are a bunch of Gatorade shots to try? I didn’t until I started messing around with making drinks with Gatorade. Then of course I looked around to see what everyone else was doing with them and was surprised to see just about every color and…

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Root Beer Shooter

Root Beer Shooter

Our Delicious Root Beer Shot Drink Recipe This Root Beer Shooter recipe is an easy drink to make and definitely brings back memories of A&W root beer. I always loved root beer as a kid growing up. Maybe it was a foreshadowing of my bartending days or all the time I’ve spent sitting at a…

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Hot Damn Shot

Hot Damn Shot

Want a shot that makes you say, ‘Hot Damn’ after shooting one? Then you need to try our Hot Damn shot recipe!

Cherry Cheesecake Shots

Cherry Cheesecake Shot

Our Cherry Cheesecake Shot recipe tastes just like the real thing. Perfect for an after dinner alcoholic treat!