A-Bomb Cocktail in a highball glass with ice sitting on a bartop

A-Bomb Cocktail

Our A-Bomb Cocktail Recipe Will Blow Your Mind! The A-Bomb cocktail is a vodka-based cocktail that has four different ingredients including coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and orange liqueur. No one really knows the origin of the A-Bomb cocktail, but regardless, it’s a great drink to try when you want something different that includes vodka as…

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zipperhead drink

Zipper Head Drink

Our Zipper Head Drink or Shot Recipe! The Zipper Head drink is a cocktail or a shot depending on what bar glass type you decide to use with it. that has been around for many years. It is a simple yet delicious drink that is perfect for any occasion and only has three ingredients, Chambord…

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buffalo zoo drink original

Buffalo Zoo Drink (CopyCat)

Buffalo Zoo Drink from Buffalo Wild Wings Being originally from New York, I thought this was something to do with Buffalo. You know, like the Buffalo Bills. But nope, it does have to do with buffaloes in one way though, it’s a drink that is served at Buffalo Wild Wings. which is a restaurant chain.…

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Hot Damn Shot

Hot Damn Shot

Want a shot that makes you say, ‘Hot Damn’ after shooting one? Then you need to try our Hot Damn shot recipe!

Cherry Cheesecake Shots

Cherry Cheesecake Shot

Our Cherry Cheesecake Shot recipe tastes just like the real thing. Perfect for an after dinner alcoholic treat!

astronaut drink picture

Astronaut Drink Recipe

Our Astronaut Drink is a three alcohol recipe that will make you spacey with its four and a half ounce of alcohol.