Tequila and Vodka – You Can Mix Tequila and Vodka!

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Can You Mix Tequila and Vodka – 6 Recipes That PROVE You Can!

Yes, of course you can mix tequila and vodka. In fact, one of the most iconic drinks, the Long Island Ice Tea, is made with equal parts of vodka and tequila.

With tequila having a warm strong flavor, and vodka a more neutral taste, adding vodka to many tequila drinks for an added “boost” is often a tasty idea.

And although I thought I’d never mix equal parts of tequila and vodka in a shot glass by themselves, a newer concoction proved even that wrong!

So check out my list of tequila and vodka drinks below to learn how to marry these two spirits in some delicious and fun ways.

Long Island Ice Tea

Long Island Ice Tea

The first on my list is also the most famous, and I remember many times as a younger “man” drinking these simply because they get your ripped quick! So be careful drinking these. Just one is often enough if you’re not a heavy drinker.

And even with all the liquor in this drink, it really is amazing how similar it tastes to an actual ice tea when done right. So don’t skip any ingredients as they all play off each other and just omit one and it won’t be as yummy.


VODQUILA bottles

Yes, you read that right, a mix of vodka and tequila from Red Eye Louie that he “invented” in Birmingham, Alabama in 2010.

After trying a glass of this over ice I was really impressed. This has a nice warm and deep flavor that is a tad more tequila than vodka, which makes total sense.

One thing I want to try is instead of using a shot of each liquor for these recipes you’re reading right now, I want to just try using this instead.

Each of these liquors being distilled together by a professional I’d guess would make these drinks even smoother and better balanced. Although I’m guessing here, still on my to do list!

Bloody Cactus

Bloody Cactus Cocktail

This one is sort of a continuation from both the Bloody Mary and the Bloody Maria. Each of those drinks on their own simply use either vodka or tequila as their alcoholic base spirit.

The Bloody Cactus is a combination of the two for a bloody great drink with a serious kick.

If you enjoy either of those classic cocktails as a way to get over a hangover, then think of this drink as a way to get rid of your hangover and parlay the night before into the morning you are in now.

I actually “created” this drink years ago after a few regulars asked me to make something a little different than the standard Bloody Mary. The bar I was working at had a ton of cheap tequila on hand so I asked what they thought if I added a shot as a kicker.

The first two guys said no, it was actually a woman that drank my first concoction. She loved it, so of course the guys had to be a part of it as well after that.

And it wasn’t long, to my total surprise, that people actually started ordering it. So instead of ordering a Bloody Mary with a shot of tequila, I named it the Bloody Cactus, and it caught on a little. Then I kind of forgot about it.

I never “tried” to make this a thing, but everyone who had it loved it. So give it a try, maybe I should have been more serious about it way back when.

Adios Motherfucker Cocktail

Adios Motherfucker Cocktail

This Adios Motherfucker Cocktail recipe comes from the Sugar and Cloth website where they use the PG name of a Blue Motorcycle. Yes, the more famous name is definitely a rated R, and the PG names are AMF (for short) or a Blue Motorcycle Cocktail.

And yes, it’s blue, a really beautiful shade of blue. But don’t let the pretty color fool you. This is a LOT like a Long Island Ice Tea and packs just as much punch. That’s because there are only two slight differences, and neither is the amount of alcohol used in making the drink.

For an AMF you’re simply switching out the triple sec and cola in a LIIT for clear soda and Curacao which gives the AMF its blue color

It’s so strong that many bars won’t make you this since it’s far too tasty and easy to get completely drunk without even knowing it. And like an ice tea, it has a yummy flavor that masks its potency very well.

Drink this one or an LIIT when you are NOT the designated driver.

Blue Shark Drink

Blue Shark Drink

Another blue cocktail, this Blue Shark drink combines tequila, vodka and Blue Curacao for a nice summery drink that’s perfect enjoyed by the beach with some chum, or when binge watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

Either way, this is a super easy three ingredient cocktail that shows how well vodka and tequila can play together.

Just combine 1 ounce of Vodka, 1 ounce of Tequila and a dash of Blue Curacao for color. You decide how deep you want the blue to be.

You can either use a cocktail shaker and strain this into a martini glass for an upscale experience or just use and old glass you have and serve it with crushed or cube ice.

Whatever you decide, it’s the taste that matters. But don’t forget to add a shark gummy just to give this drink a cute twist, much better than the tired old lemon wedge.

Tropical Tequila Shots

Tropical Tequila Shots

Here’s another vodka tequila recipe that not only looks great, but is a “bit” healthy since it has so much pineapple in the drink. Hey, get your vitamins where you can!

This shot is made with Pineapple Vodka, Reposado Tequila, Pineapple Juice and Pina Colada Mix. Just rim a standard one ounce shot glass with a little brown sugar and and garnish with a pineapple cube and shoot. Treat it like a shot of tequila with salt and lime, same idea.

This video lays it all out including the recipe measurements. And to make these yourself only takes a minute or two.

In Closing

Okay, so I’ve listed some yummy drinks that prove once and for all that yes, you can mix tequila and vodka and get a nice tasting drink.

And why not experiment yourself a bit? Maybe you’ll create the next drink fad. You really never know! And if you do come up with something yummy, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list. I love sharing recipes with fellow spirits.

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