margarita without alcohol

Does Margarita Mix Have Alcohol?

Does Margarita Mix Have Alcohol and Can I Get Drunk? No, margarita mix does not contain alcohol. You can drink all the mix you want and you will never get drunk. But you might get sick just because margarita mix is concentrated and it’s meant to be diluted with tequila or even something like soda…

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drinking from coconut

Anything But a Cup Ideas

Anything But a Cup Ideas (Super UNIQUE Ones!) So you’ve been invited to an Anything Buy a Cup party and need some ideas on what to use, or you want something original and want to stand out? My list of Anything but a cup ideas will have your creative juices flowing, as well as the…

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two types of mixed drinks

Types of Mixed Drinks

The (13) Mixed Drink Types There are many types of mixed drinks from the very simple to the extravagant. But luckily, we can break down the hundreds of variations into ‘catchall’ categories to make it a lot easier to understand. But you need to also understand that there are a lot of different ways books,…

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amazon jello shot cups for sale

Where to Buy Jello Shot Cups?

Where Can I buy Jell-O Shot Cups? The easiest place to buy Jell-O shot cups is online at Amazon since they’ll deliver you cups right to your door. But there are other options too, both online and right in your neighborhood, and I’ll list them all for you so you can find them easy enough.…

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