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Best Alcohol to Mix With Gatorade

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Best Alcohol to Mix With Gatorade for Shots and Drinks!

The best alcohol to mix with Gatorade is definitely vodka. If you look at the recipes on my list of Gatorade shots, all of them are made with either vodka or flavored vodka. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use other alcohols to mix with Gatorade.

In fact, Gatorade is an awesome mixer to make a great tasting Gatorade alcoholic drink and it comes in a bunch of different flavors, just like Tang or other fruit flavored juice mixes and bottled mixers. In fact, if you can drink it, you can probably make an alcoholic drink with it.

And now you can get Gatorade in much cheaper dry mixes that make it even better to play around with and experiment with. They even have Zero Calorie mixes.

Other Alcohols to Mix With Gatorade

Many other alcohols play nicely with with Gatorade, it just depends on the flavor profile if you want to use Gatorade in your drink or make a shot or cocktail that just tastes like Gatorade but doesn’t actually have any of the sports drink in your drink. Hope that’s clear!

For example, if I have some Lemon-Lime Gatorade, I would (and have) tried it with tequila. And yes, it’s good. But as a word of caution, I like the tequila and Lemon-Lime mix with the Blanco tequilas, not the more aged and darker ones. There is a seriously distinct difference in tastes, especially as a mixed drink.

Then you have rum which really mixes nicely with all of the Gatorade flavors actually, but really, really well with the Orange Gatorade and the Grape Flavored Gatorade. Like vodka, rum is often used as a base spirit since it is distilled quite a bit. But again, the dark rums don’t mix as well.

Rum seems to do well with any type of mixer as does vodka. But if I didn’t have vodka for one of the recipes above, I would substitute it with rum.

What Alcohol to NOT Mix With Gatorade?

The only ones I wouldn’t think would do well are whiskey, although I’ve never tried using it with Gatorade. So who knows, maybe it does taste great and I’m overlooking a new fad! I also stay away from darker colored alcohols like dark rums and tequilas. I’ve found you want a lighter base spirit for Gatorade drinks.

In Closing…

The best alcohols to experiment with are vodka and rum as they seem to work best with Gatorade. I’ve used Gatorade as a mixer many times, and I usually mix it with whatever I had on hand. And some worked well, some not so much. So make sure you’ve read my whole article so you don’t make a nasty drink like I have and you can enjoy mixing your Gatorades with different alcohols a whole lot more!

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