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Can You Mix Vodkas? (I Tried it!)

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Can You Mix Vodkas and Should You Try?

Yes, you can mix vodkas with no ill effects. If you wanted to take two or three different vodkas like Tito’s, Absolut and Stolichnaya and mix therm together you can with no problems. It won’t make you sick or really even effect you any more or less than they would on their own.

But would you really want to mix vodkas? Actually, yes, maybe…

There are so many vodkas today, you have artisan, flavored and all sorts of others. Each distillery produces vodkas using different ingredients and processes their vodkas differently than other distilleries. This gives many vodkas a very unique flavor and texture.

And no, not all vodkas are made from potatoes! Today, vodkas are being distilled from wheat, barley, rye and even corn. And the ingredients change the flavor and textures a lot!

And like blended whiskeys, you can blend different vodkas together in order to get a unique flavor and texture and possibly something better than any of the vodkas singularly could accomplish.

What is Blended Vodka?

Like blended whiskeys, you can blend different vodkas together in order to get a unique flavor and texture and possibly something better than any of the vodkas singularly could accomplish.

The vodka brand American Liquor Co. uses four types of ingredients, Winter Wheat, Light Rye, Red River Valley Potato, and White Corn, each distilled separately and then combined, or ‘blended’ in order to make a truly unique tasting vodka. Again, very similar to blending whiskey.

different vodka brands

You can literally do the same thing. Isn’t that sort of what a mixologist does? Blends ingredients together to make something yummy and new that people want to drink? Only you’re using different vodka brands and different types of vodka.

Where you can really make things interesting is taking something like Tito’s Vodka and mixing it with Humboldt’s Finest Hemp-Infused Vodka which is made with sugar cane of all things!

I quite like Smoke Lab Aniseed Vodka, but the taste is a tad too strong, so I cut it down with some Absolut just to deaden the kick a bit. You can do this with anything really.

I know a lot of you really enjoy Absolut Citron as I do, but one experiment I tried and was really pleased with was mixing it with some Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka. Yes, chocolate vodka!

I added one part chocolate vodka and three parts Citron in a rocks glass with ice, and it was really, really good! At least more to my taste. But just imagine the possibilities here!

There are just so many different flavors and types of vodka to play with, you should go and mix a few to see what you come up with. Who knows, maybe you’ll create the next best drink craze.

I showed you how mixing vodka with tequila or vodka and whiskey can make a decent drink. So everything is up for grabs! Explore, experiment! Get creative!

After all, someone had to start mixing things together to get all of these drinks and cocktails we have today. I mean, imagine being the one who created a Long Island Ice Tea! Who would have thought all those liquors together would even taste good.

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