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Does Margarita Mix Go Bad? (You’d be surprised!)

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Does Margarita Mix Go Bad? Plus 1000 Other Questions!

Yes, margarita mix goes bad. Bottled margarita mixes go bad a lot faster than powder forms due to their usually all natural ingredients. Unused bottled margarita mix also needs to be refrigerated after it’s opened and only keeps for anywhere between a week to a few months depending on the manufacturer.

Dry margarita mixes contain a lot more preservatives than bottled margarita mixes do, so they do last longer, but all food items go bad sooner or later. Expect a quality dry margarita mix to go bad after six months if it is in a sealed container. Left unopened and it goes bad as soon as a few days. So seal tightly!

Things like humidity, heat and sunlight all effect how fast a product starts to deteriorate. So always try to keep your products in a dark, dry and cool spot for the maximum shelf life.

How to Tell if Margarita Mix Is Bad?

Dry: For dry mixes, you can tell if it is bad by looking at, smelling and even tasting a tiny bit to see what’s going on.

When dry mixers go bad they often clump up and get rock hard. Or go the other way and get really moist and often show signs of mold.

They also smell off or just plain nasty. So use your nose as well.

Taste a tiny little bit if you have the courage. Does it taste nasty on your tongue? If it is just a tiny bit, it should taste like the flavor on the packet, not like a dead animal that’s been swelling up in the sun.

If you didn’t seal your mix well enough, it doesn’t take much to go bad.

Bottled: For bottled mixes, it’s easier to tell if the margarita mix is bad. The liquid often looks off color and cloudy. This is a definite sign to throw it out.

Smelling an opened bottle is also an easy way to tell. Just take a whiff, if instead of limes and sugar it smells like socks that haven’t been changed in a month, time for the trash.

If the contents of the bottle still look and smell alright, just dab a finger in and taste. If you can still taste a sweet lime flavor, then you should be good. If not, dump it down the drain.

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How Long Does Margarita Mix Last Unopened?

Unopened margarita mix lasts from anywhere from 6 months to two years depending on its ingredients and how it’s packaged.

Dry mix has a much longer shelf life due to it having more preservatives and no liquids to ferment or otherwise effect the mix. These mixes can last a year or two if left unopened and kept dry.

Bottled mixes are usually bottled to last up to 6 months to a year if unopened. They will normally go bad much sooner than a dry mix.

Does Margarita Mix Go Bad if Not Refrigerated?

Yes, if it is bottled margarita mix, it will go bad if not refrigerated in 24 hours due to the fact that bottled margarita mixes often only contain natural ingredients and very few preservatives.

Dry mixes on the other hand have far more chemical preservatives which is why they can often last much longer on your pantry shelf.

Does Margarita Mix Have to Be Refrigerated After Opening?

Yes, bottled margarita mix needs to be refrigerated once it is open. And even then, it will only last up to one to four weeks at the most in the refrigerator and only if it is tightly sealed. This is because mixes like Agalima don’t contain many preservatives to keep the mix stable.

How Long Does Margarita Mix Last in the Fridge?

Margarita mix lasts up to a week in the fridge if you keep it sealed tightly. This is for the bottled variety. A dry mix can last up to six months in the fridge if it is sealed properly.

How Long Does Margarita Mix Last in the Freezer?

Dry margarita mix can last years in the freezer if it is unopened or sealed tightly. Bottled margarita mix should never been frozen in the original container it comes in as the bottle will shatter in the freezer.

You can however freeze bottled mixes, you just need to transfer the liquid mix into a freezable plastic container or even a freezer bag will work.

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Can You Freeze Margarita Mix?

Yes, you can freeze margarita mix, both the powdered pre-mixes and bottled mixes if you change the container.

For liquid margarita mixes, use plastic containers made for the freezer and fill them with the mix leaving at least one inch from the top for expansion. If you do not leave some room at the top, as the mix freezes it will burst the top or lid off and make a mess.

You can do the same with a margarita mix that already has alcohol too.

But once alcohol is added, it won’t really freeze, it’ll stay more a slushie consistency, which is great for on demand frozen margaritas! You can even take the prepared mix and add some strawberries or other fruits all in a blender to make a variety of yummy frozen margaritas.

Does Margarita Mix Expire?

Yes, all margarita mixes expire. When they expire depends on how they are manufactured. Most bottled brands print on their labels that they’re good for a year or two if left sealed and unopened.

Whereas powder or dry mixes are usually safe to use for a maximum of three to five years when left sealed or unopened.

Does Margarita Mix Go Bad if Not Opened?

Yes, margarita mix goes bad if unopened, it just takes a lot longer. All food products go bad and have an expiration date. You should check what the expiration date is on the label to know for certain.

For example, Ficks margarita mix has an expiration date printed at the bottom of their back label.

Does Margarita Mix With Alcohol Go Bad?

Yes, margarita mix with alcohol goes bad after a period of time depending on if it is refrigerated and tightly sealed, or if you just end up placing the unused portion of the drink in the fridge in its original glass.

Pre-mixed margaritas, or margaritas you made from a mix and tequila are best stored frozen for the maximum ‘shelf life’.

How Long Does Homemade Margarita Mix Last?

You can store homemade margarita mix without alcohol for up to one week in the refrigerator. You can keep it for up to one additional week, although the flavors will begin to fall flat at that point.

In Closing…

It’s crazy how complicated a simple margarita mix can get once you ask the question does margarita mix go bad. But hopefully after reading all of this you’ll know for sure and how to respond accordingly so you don’t get sick or anything.

Or worse, make a bad margarita and end up throwing away some great tequila!

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