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How to Make Jello Shots Without Cups?

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How to Make Jello Shots Without Cups?

Wondering what to put your Jello shots in? Jello shots aren’t just for cups! In fact, there are a ton of ways to make jello shots without cups. The beauty of these flavorful gelatin yummies is that you can choose a myriad of colors and containers.

So if you’re looking for ways to really make something special and you don’t want to just use the same old jello shot containers as everyone else, then read on as I have listed the very best ideas. And if I happened to miss one, let me know in the comments and I’ll most definitely add it to the list!

Jello Shots Without Cups

Jello Shot Squares

Jello Shot Squares – The first option is definitely the easiest and least amount of work. And if you’re into the whole eco-friendly craze, this is also creates the least amount of waste.

Instead of having a container for each shot, why not just add your jello shots to a baking pan or cookie sheet. Once your Jello shots have had time to set correctly, simply slice them into two inch squares and place them in a bowl. Perfect finger Jello shots.

jello shot squares
Jello Shot Squares

Keep a pair of ice tongs near by so no one needs to put their hands in the bowl, and they can either just eat their shots, or even add them to their drink for a colorful surprise at the end. Either way, this is a no mess and no waste option. These Jello shot squares are perfect when you’re making hundreds of Jell-O shots!

Jell-O Shot Peels

Jell-O Shot Peels – This is another Eco-friendly way of serving beautiful upscale Jello shots. You can take any sort of fruit, cut it in half or even quarters and add the Jello. And the best part, you can use the different color Jell-Os to match the fruit.

So for example, cut a lime in half, scoop out the fruit and then use lime Jello shots to replace the fruit. Then once everyone is finished with their shot, simply place the peels in the compost bin. Safe, fun and Eco-friendly!

Jell O Shot Peels
Jell-O Shot Peels

Check out this recipe for making watermelon shots using the actual watermelon rinds. Super cool and they look like the real thing. You could even use edible glitter to re-create the seeds.

Make these without alcohol for the kiddies and add the fruit to the shots. They think they’re getting some sugary treat when in reality they’re getting some fresh fruit.

Ice Cube Jell-O Shots

Ice Cube Jell-O Shots – Why not use what you already have? Similar to the cookie sheet option above, you can just use a few ice trays to create your Jell-O shots. This is another great way of making a lot of shots at one time. Plus they stack up nicely in your refrigerator and clean up easily enough.

Hearts Ice Cube Tray

Hearts Ice Cube Tray

Time for romance?

  • When you want to get drunk but be romantic at the same time. Nothing says I love you like some heart shaped cherry red Jell-O shots.

You can also invest in all different sized ice trays if the ones you have aren’t big or small enough. You can easily find all sorts in a dollar store or somewhere cheap enough. Or get them through Amazon and get them delivered right to your door!

Take note if there is a size for the cubes in the tray so you know how many shots you can get out of a recipe. A typical ice tray holds an ounce of liquid per cube.

TIP: Spray your ice trays with some vegetable oil spray first and they’ll come out a LOT easier! And you won’t taste the oil, I promise! Just a quick spritz.

Jello Shot Molds

Jello Shot Jell-O Molds – Looking for some fun shapes? Jell-O molds are fun, easy and also Eco-friendly (as far as no waste by your party go-ers).

Just look at all the different Jell-O mold options here, you could literally do a different mold every single day for the rest of your life. Now that’s having options!

And you’re not limited to just Jell-O molds. You could use any sort of mold you want. Chocolate molds, candy molds, baking molds, anything that is marked “food safe”. The sky really is the limit!

My personal favorite is this brain Jell-O mold, so very cool! Perfect for Halloween or even a graduation party. Get it? Brain, school…lol!

Jello Shot Brain Mold

Jello Brain Mold

Freak out your friends!

  • This is a really disgusting way to serve some jello shots. Do the unexpected and have a lot more fun at your parties. An awesome addition to any Halloween party.

Just place on a platter with a knife and tongs and your guests can slice off their own part of the brain and consume any way they want. And you can us them for any sort of themed party, here are a few ideas…

Use any of these fish molds for the dad that likes to go fishing. Or these letter molds to make someone’s name for a birthday or just to make them feel special.

Or these Christmas tree molds with lime Jell-O for Christmas. Or these for someone coming or going into the military, or if they just like weapons.

Or this adult mold, perfect for a bachelorette party! I won’t add a picture here, but here’s a link to something fun on an adult level.

Hopefully you get the idea of what you can do with all the molds!

And use the same tip as above and give the molds a quick spritz of spray vegetable oil for easy release.

Edible Shot Glasses

Imagine the shot glass IS the jello shot? Or make a shot glass with something like chocolate, then fill with a green mint jello shot, or add a cherry and some cherry jello shots. Sounds like a winning combination to me! There are simply way too many ideas to even start to list.

And the best part about all this is they are 100% eco friendly since the container is edible. Plus no extra garbage at your party. And if there are any left, which I doubt there would be, you can always give them to the dog.

Edible Shot Glasses


Why not eat the glass too!

  • Here’s a great idea because it opens you up to a lot of different ideas like making a jello shot out of a margarita mix, then adding the tequila in the shot glass. When you eat or drink the shot, that is the combination for a full flavored drink. There are so many ways you can use this!

Jello Shot Syringes

Jello Shot Syringes – Since I mentioned Halloween, here’s another creepy alternative to cups. Jello shot syringes are really great for themed parties, especially Halloween. With some red jello shots it’s like you’re shooting a syringe full of blood. Except is yummy and won’t land you in jail!

Jello Shot Syringes

Jello Shot Syringes

A fun way to do Jell-O shots!

  • These syringes are reusable and a fun idea for themed parties like nurses and doctors, to Halloween or just a creepy kids party. Fill them with alcoholic jello shots, or just plain old Jell-O.

And that’s my list of ways on how you can make jello shots without cups. Remember, gelatin is fun, so be creative! You can use so many things as a container for your shots. Let me know what ideas you come up with!

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