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How to Transport Jello Shots Safely? (9 Ways!)

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How to Transport Jell-O Shots So They Don’t Spill in Your Car!

Some of the best ways to transport Jell-O shots are using jello shot cups with lids, packing them in a cooler or even using plastic bags to transport your shots safely.

There are more ways which I’ll go over below as well. Each depends on how many shots you need to travel with, and what you have on hand in order to get the job done.

Jello Shot Cups with Lids: One of the easiest ways to transport jello shots either long distance in a car or even if you’re going next store is to use a jello shot container that has a lid. Remember, these are Jello shots so you don’t necessarily need something that is leak proof, just something tight enough that the shot doesn’t spill out all over the place and make a mess. You can check this out to find where to buy jello shot cups. You can even grab square cups to make packing them easier!

Coolers: This is definitely the preferred way to transport jello shots in a cooler simply because you can keep the shots cool during the trip. This is really important when you want to take them on a trip like rafting down a river or even a tailgating party. You can even use a small piece of dry ice and some salt to be sure they stay cold the entire day. This is also the best if you have more than 100 jello shots to transport or even thousands for a serious party.

Shot Syringes: If you don’t want to use plastic containers you can always try using syringes that are specifically made for Jello shots. You can find them here and they’re not all that expensive. They’re also pretty leak proof so they are great for transporting and they’re fun to use. They also lay down nicely in a cooler or even some sort of box or plastic bag.

Plastic Bag: Those big Zip Lock type freezer bags like these are also a great choice as they seal really tightly and if some of the shots open up, you still have the shot in the bag which means you can still eat it. Just be sure that you pack as tightly as possible so they don’t move around a whole lot. You can also decide the size of the zip locks so if you’re only bringing 20 shots, the bag can still be tightly packed.

Cardboard Box: While not the best way to transport stuff, they do work. Again, just be sure to stack up the shots and use a towel or something on top so they don’t move around too much. If you want to keep them cool, be careful about condensation as water will destroy the integrity of the box if it gets too wet. You can try a bag of ice wrapped in a towel and placed over the shots.

Ice Cube Trays: Again, not the best way to do this as they aren’t covered, but if you’re just going next store they should be fine. Also remember that ice cube trays are small, so your shots will be pretty small as well. Not the best option, but I thought I would mention it.

Freezing: Although I highly recommend you do NOT freeze your Jello shots, it is one way of keeping them cool so they stay set for longer trips until you can get them in a fridge or something. The only problem with freezing Jello shots is the alcohol makes them harder to freeze, and they never taste quite the same after they’re frozen.

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Make Them in a Tray: You can also just use a try or something like a brownie pan to make the jello shots in. This way you can leave everything alone until you get to where you’re traveling to and then just cut up the shots into squares. This way you don’t need anything extra like cups or whatever. You’ll just have to wrap the pan in saran wrap in case it tips over.

Molds: Using jello shot molds is another way you’d be able to transport your shots safely. Just like using a tray, you could just leave them in the molds until you get to your destination and then serve them there. Just keep them cool in a cooler or something with ice.

Are jello shot cups stackable for easy transport?

Yes, you can easily stack the ones with lids so when you’re transporting them they don’t leak. Just make sure they’re packed tightly enough they won’t move around and loose their lids!

Just remember, you want to try and keep them as cool as possible when you’re traveling and avoid any leaks or situations where they can tip over during transport. So even if you do use something like a zip lock bag, you should still place the bags in a box or something so they don’t tip over.

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