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Where to Buy Jello Shot Cups?

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Where Can I buy Jell-O Shot Cups?

The easiest place to buy Jell-O shot cups is online at Amazon since they’ll deliver you cups right to your door. But there are other options too, both online and right in your neighborhood, and I’ll list them all for you so you can find them easy enough.

I also have an article on Jello shot cups here that explains the differences and which ones are the best. And if you need syringes, check out where to buy them here.

What Other Names?

Just to be clear, when you go to grab these, they may not always be called “jello shot cups”. They are usually called stackable portion cups, salad dressing containers, dipping sauce cups, condiment cups or simply small plastic containers with lids.

They are all the exact same thing, and anything that can be used for sauces or dips can also be used for jello shots.

Where to Buy Jello Shot Cups?



Always my personal first choice. I have Prime so shipping is free and they’re delivered right to my door. If I don’t need them right this second, it’s the easiest and often times the cheapest place to buy any type of jello shot cups, condiment cups or any other little cups I’d need for sauces and dips as well. They also, by far have the largest selection of cups to choose from. For one ounce cups I like these, and for cups with lids I like these.



Walmart is always a safe bet to find these types of cups in stock. Even people who own restaurants will use Walmart to buy stock when they need something right away. So it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll find them here. And their prices aren’t bad either. The best “offline” place to get jello shot cups when you need them right now.



Target is another great place to buy condiment cups for jello shots or whatever else you’re needing them for. They always have them in stock although I found their prices to not always be the cheapest. But that also matters on where you live. Give them a call first to see if they have them in stock and how much they cost so you can compare prices.

TIP: If you live in a big city, chances are your cups will always be more expensive than on online websites like Amazon. So if you don’t need your cups right away, buying them online is almost always the cheapest option!

Dollar Tree

dollar tree

The Dollar Tree is always a great option as they are usually, well, a dollar per sleeve of cups. So the price is usually right. The problem is, they do not always have these types of cups in stock. So to be safe, always call the store first to save yourself a wasted trip! And as far as their online presence, don’t even bother.

Party City

party city

Party City always has these types of cups on hand. They also sometimes also have syringes and even the E-Z Squeeze variety of cups. The prices change depending on where you live. So you’ll need to go to the store or give them a call to see if it’s cheaper to get them than other options.



Walgreens sometimes has these cups, but you really should call first if you really need them now. Sometimes they do have them, and sometimes not. It depends on each store and how big the store is. I’ve found the smaller ones usually don’t have them, or they have a very limited variety of what cups you can choose from. So check! But don’t waste your time trying to buy them from their website.



I’ve always seen these at Kroger. And they usually have one and two ounce cups, both with and without lids. So they’re usually a safe bet although they have no where near the number of choices as some others. Their prices are okay, but usually I can find cups online cheaper than here. But when you need them now, it’s a safe option as they usually have some sort of cups in stock.


When you want more than a few hundred shots, sometimes it can be cheaper to buy in bulk at Alibaba. Though I always find it a bit confusing and not always that easy to order small quantities of items from them. But if you’re needing like 1000 cups, this may at times be a better option for bulk orders.


You can’t forget Ebay! They always have cups and sometimes if it is an actual auction, you can get some pretty good deals there. You can always find them on their “stores” but if you have the time to wait for them, also check out the auctions to see if there are any really good deals.

Quick List

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Dollar Tree
  • Walgreens
  • Kroger

Places to Buy Jello Shot Cups with Lids

You should be able to buy jell-o shot cups with lids anywhere you can buy the regular cups, some places will obviously carry them, and some maybe not. You’re going to have to look or you can always call the store ahead of time so you don’t make a trip for no reason.

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