Margarita Recipe

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classic margarita recipe

Margarita Recipe

This classic margarita recipe includes fresh ingredients to create the perfect margarita. This is nothing like store bought margaritas.
Prep Time 3 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Course Drinks
Servings 1


  • Rocks Glass
  • Stirrer


  • 3 Parts Tequila
  • 2 Parts Cointreau
  • 1 Part Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
  • 1 tsp Salt Optional
  • 1 Wedge Lime Garnish


Step 1: Preparing The Margarita Glass:

  • Take a lime and rub it along the outside rim of the glass. This will moisten the rim and provide a surface for the salt. Lay a small cloth on a table and liberally pour salt on the cloth. Turn the glass over and dip the outside rim of the glass into the salt.
    margarita salt rim

Step 2: Using The Right Margarita Ingredients

  • To make a perfect margarita, you need the proper ingredients. A margarita is prepared by using tequila, lime juice and an orange liqueur. You can add a few other ingredients like salt and a lime for garnish. But, frankly, using those things isn't necessary. The critical ingredients are tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur.Try to buy the highest-quality ingredients that you can afford. If you buy cheap ingredients, you'll definitely taste the difference in your drink. For tequila, buy Sauza Conmemorativo. A 1.75 LTR bottle will cost between $25 and $39, depending upon where you purchase it. Or Patron if that's unavailable. For orange liqueur, buy DeKuyper Triple Sec. At $20 for a 1.75 LTR bottle, it's inexpensive. For lime juice, buy a 25-ounce bottle of Roses for under $4. Finally, buy 4 fresh key limes, a lemon and a can of Sprite. You'll understand why in Step 2. Now that you have the proper margarita ingredients, you're ready for the next step.
    margarita ingredients

Step 3: Mix The Right Amounts Of Margarita Ingredients

  • Realize that everyone has their own way of making a margarita. But, I'm going to teach you a perfect margarita. I'm confident that my recipe will impress you because everyone I know says they've never tasted a better margarita than the ones I make. In part, that's because of the ingredients in Step 1 above. But, it's also because of how I use those ingredients.
    classic margarita recipe


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