Where to Buy Syringes for jello Shots?

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personalized jello shot syringes

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Where to Buy Syringes for jello Shots?

The easiest place to buy syringes for jello shots is through Amazon. It’s just easier to order Jell-O shot syringes online as you’ll know they will definitely have them in stock. Plus you can easily get them in bulk or possibly even wholesale if you’re lucky and happen to need like 100 jello shots for a huge party you’re giving.

Amazon also has next day delivery. They also have a program where you can have them shipped to a special Amazon “pick up spot”. Just in case they are a gift or a surprise, you can still physically pick them up and no need to be delivered to your home address.

If you travel to Walmart or another store, you might find they’re out of stock as jello shot syringes are more of a specialty item and not so common, even in party favor stores. So if you are planning a store visit, it might be best to give them a call before hand so no wasted trips.

There are other online places that sell Jell-O shot syringes. Walmart has them and like Amazon, you can order them online and have them shipped to your home. Or order them and pick them up at the store of your choice.

EZ-Squeeze also sells syringes under the brand name EZ-Inject™ which is a clever name. These are specifically made for Jello so the ends are wider to allow easy flow of your shot.

Etsy also has Jello syringes and even better is some of the shops listed offer customization. Meaning you can actually have something printed on these like your bars logo, or your name, or maybe your fraternity letters. You’re free to make these as personal and unique as you want.

Another place these are available is at Party City. This is one place that usually does have them in stock in their physical stores. So if you are lucky enough to have oe near you, this is definitely where I’d check availability first.

If they are out of stock, then they also have an online store where you can order them here.

Ebay is yet another place you may not have thought of. They have both auctions you can bid, which if you have the time to wait until it’s completed could save you a few bucks. But if you just want your syringes now, you can also visit all the stores that sell them and have immediate shipping.

I love these as an alternative to jello shot cups. They’re a fun way to make jello shots without using cups.

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